Anniversary Blend 2017

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Supporting youth training and mentorship in coffee growing communities
Flavor Notes:
Refreshingly bright and refined with malt sweetness and notes of ripe mellon
About this coffee

Coffee story

Join our anniversary celebration with a juicy cup that gives back to a community at origin. This year's coffee is a world blend of three exceptional single-origins that each bring a unique fruity quality: ripe melon from Colombia, sweet cherry from Rwanda, and full-bodied papaya from New Guinea.

Sweet still, this year we're pleased to contribute to Coffee Kids to help support youth mentorship in Risaralda, Colombia. Let's celebrate the possibilities of coffee and the potential of young entrepreneurs with this bright, smooth cup.

Doug, Phil, Sean, Emily
Peet's Coffee Buying Team


Brewing Tips

Recommended brewing method: k-cups, drip and press pot.



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  • 4/23/13
  • Nathalie B
  • drinking Peet's since 2010
  • Monterey, CA

The 2013 Anniversary Blend has a wonderful, rich taste, flavor and aroma. It is outstanding and I love it!
It lives up to the promise: The Perfect Cup :D

  • 2/23/13
  • Chris DeBlois
  • drinking Peet's since 1/1/2
  • Austin, TX

This is it...the one...the only Anniversary Blend.

12 of 12 Reviews | View All

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