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Sumatra Mutu Batak

Item No. SBB-M

Available: Peet's Store

Price:   per lb. $18.95
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Select quality from a small group of growers in Lintong

Flavor Notes

Herbaceous with sweet hints of caramel and aromas of cured tobacco

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About this coffee


Coffee Story

Roast: Dark Roast
Process: Wet-hulled
Growing Region: Single Origin, Lintongnihuta, Sumatra, Indonesia
Variety: Ateng, Jember, Garundang
Farmer: Small-Holder Farmers
Altitude: 1000 – 1300 meters

Mutu is the Bahasa Indonesian word for quality. That’s the key for this sweet, heavy, aromatic coffee from the Batak communities of Lake Toba.

Generally in Sumatra, coffee is collected, not selected. Grown in back yard plots, the fruit is pulped in a hand-cranked device, the seeds given a cursory fermentation—overnight, in a plastic bag—and rinsed in a basket by morning. From there it is set out for a brief drying in the yard beside mats of rice and chilies.

Collected and re-collected from hundreds of producers, a miller hulls off the parchment skin while the beans are still partly pliable. This process, called “wet-hulling,” exposes the bean and gives it a better chance to dry in the moist and rainy climate of Sumatra. It also lends a character unique to this place, heavy, earthy, and laden with the spice of tropical air.

In short, good Sumatra happens by chance, except in projects like Mutu Batak, which work with a skilled group of growers, coach care in pulping and drying, and most importantly, screen coffees at the source through rigorous tasting. It’s a difference you will notice as soon as you set out the beans. And after grinding and pouring, the fragrance of Mutu Batak is so forward, so heady and sweet, it will be all you can do not to swoon.

Stay upright. Drink in the coffee prized as the best of Sumatra, syrupy and herbaceous with sumptuous notes of caramel and aromas of cured tobacco.

Doug, Phil, Sean, Emily
Peet’s Coffee Buying Team

Customer Reviews
  • Batak Fan , drinking Peet's since Since 1/8/15
  • Bay Area, CA

Just got some 2015 Sumatra Batak (non-peaberry) beans from the 1st roast. Unfortunately not as good as in previous years. Not a bad bean by any means, but missing the signature tanginess & finish of previous years.

  • Kurt Angersbach , drinking Peet's since 1989 1/26/12
  • MT

This year's batch (2012) of Sumatra Blue Batak is phenomenal. Here's a shot at describing the particulars. The taste is smooth and full from the first sip to the last cup. Straight out of the Peet's delivery box, the smell is unmistakably enticing. (How, oh how, do you get roasted beans to smell like caramel?!) Speaking of delivery, for those who live far from Peet's, I can''t speak highly enough of the Peet's shipping process. We place an order and within three days of the roasting we are drinking the awesome results. Thank you, Peet''s!

  • read_sherry 1/25/12
  • DE

Wow! That was great - smooth, rich, fantastic. So good that I was moved to write my first review.

  • Daniel Macomber , drinking Peet's since 1986 1/13/12
  • Monterey, CA

I just picked up a 1/2 lb of Sumatra Blue Batak from our Monterey Peet's and am delighted by this coffee. There is a smokey, tangy flavor to this coffee that is like none I've ever tasted. It is smooth--without a hint of bitterness--and is utterly tasty to the last sip of the (French-pressed) cup. Thank you, Peet's, for this great roast!

  • Ivan Orkin , drinking Peet's since 1990 3/20/11
  • tokyo, Japan

Ordered two days before the earthquake and wasn't sure it would make it. I was down to my last pound and was worried. Don't smoke or drink, just get jazzed on coffee,so you can imagine my relief when it arrived right on time! Awesome coffee, really deep, sophisticated, fabulous. Lots of sadness here and plan to do all we can to help those in need, and when I'm just feeling down, there's nothing like a cup of peet's to lift my spirits! Thanks for a great cup!

  • Will & Jean , drinking Peet's since 2005 3/18/11
  • Murfreesboro, TN

I am always anxious to try out different things. I found it interesting but my wife didn''t care for it. It came as part of my peetniks shipment so all is great. I would have liked to have had it in beans since I ENJOY A FRESH GRIND BEFORE DRIPPING. I also noticed many folks liked it brewed espresso so maybe I'll try it that way. My taster experience was the smell wasn't particularly flavor ful. neither was the inital taste... but the after-note was very strong and dark... almost tobacco tasting. ( I haven''t used tobacco in years) but that seems to describe it's bitter quality. Interesting but not something I'd enjoy often. We both really love Major D's though. Can't seem to find anything else that comes close to it. Thanks Peets for sending it to us

Employee Reviews
  • Jean Lugo 1/14/10
  • Call Center Manager
  • Call Center
  • Call Center, CA

I LOVE this coffee as an espresso. I've been making a cappuccino every morning at here at the office and enjoy every sip. It's incredibly smooth and gives just the perfect amount of sweetness to my capp. It's a wonderful coffee in a press pot as well. You definitely get more of the savory, herbal tones that way. I'm so glad we decided to feature this coffee again this year.

  • LINSEY , drinking Peet's since 2005 1/14/10
  • Home Office, CA

This coffee is a real gem! I have never been a fan of drinking espresso straight...that was until I enjoyed a freshly brewed shot of Sumatra Blue Batak. This coffee is not only delightful as a drip coffee, or press pot but as espresso! Is is thick, smooth, and molasses sweet!

  • Natalie , drinking Peet's since 2000 1/14/10
  • Customer Service
  • Home Office
  • Home Office, CA

This year's crop of Sumatra Blue Batak is better than what I had enjoyed in 2008. With a refined smooth, full-bodied texture of Indo-Pacific coffees - I find a juicy berry sweetness in the Blue Batak too. With this rare and unique Indo-Pacific coffee, if you are fan of the characteristics of this coffee region, you should not miss out on this yummy Sumatra!

  • Kathy , drinking Peet's since 2003 1/14/10
  • customer service
  • home office
  • Home Office, CA

I gotta tell you, Sumatra Blue Batak is a ''refreshingly addictive'' espresso, yet it's so intense in flavor. I thought that Garuda was the ideal espresso, but Sumatra Blue Batak has changed my mind. It is ''naturally'' creamy, sweet, rich, and smooth like its been born to be an espresso shot. May I also add that it has such a nice ''golden'' color to it. It is an espresso that makes your latte taste like a ''dessert'' without you having to add any sugar to it.

  • Tommy Smith 10/1/08
  • Store Coffee & Tea Specialist
  • Downtown Petaluma, store 101
  • Downtown Petaluma, CA

In a press, through a gold-tone filter, or cupping alongside other coffees, this special, highly-select coffee shines in its many layers of flavors and surprizingly rich and complex aromatics. While it might be a bass-note coffee, it has a wonderful array of spice, sweet floral, and somewhat drying herbaceous and fruited notes. Really, it takes much of what I love about a bass-heavy blend such as Arabian Mocha-Java and binds it within a single origin coffee. In fact, this makes a delicious sweet and chocolatey shot of single-origin espresso (look for the marked contrast of the herbal and spice notes exhibited in the crema versus the bittersweet cocoa, tobbacco, and plum of the liquor). The body on this is spectacular on the fifth and sixth days after roasting! If you like coffees that can say many things in a single cup, exhibit a range of origin and processing-specific characteristics, or simply

  • Melissa 9/9/08
  • ,,

rich and syrupy, thick and heavy, sweeter than expected, deep, rich and fruity... but still has some of those nice earthy, nutty, Sumatran qualities!

2016-02-06 02:57:39

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