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Sumatra Batak Peaberry

Item No. SBP-M

Available: Online Exclusive

Price:   per lb. $18.95
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Available for 3 Roasts Only – Wednesday 1/14, 1/21, 1/28

100% peaberry. The most select and specially prepared coffee from the ethnic Batak region in North Sumatra.

Flavor Notes

Pervasively aromatic with a deep, concentrated sweetness.

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About this coffee


Coffee Story

Meticulously separated, this remarkable peaberry comes to us from the same supplier as our Sumatra Batak. Peaberries are an anomaly - they occur at a rate of about 5% in all coffee crops, when just one little oval bean develops within the coffee cherry, rather than the normal two. The resulting peaberries tends to be more concentrated in flavor.

Sumatra Batak Peaberry, like our customer favorite Sumatra Batak, exemplifies many of the ideal characteristics of an Indonesian coffee. The Batak ethnic farmers utilize a ‘wet hulling’ process to separate the beans from the coffee cherries, which imparts some distinct berry flavors from the lush rain forest surrounding Lake Toba, the defining feature of this region of Sumatra. Wet hulling enables the farmers to dry the coffee quickly, which is essential given the many torrential rain storms the island endures.

We maintain a long-standing relationship with our supplier of Sumatra Batak in order to preserve our high-quality selection standards.

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