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Green Peony

Item No. 500126

Available: Peet's Store

With green tea leaves hand-tied in the shape of a flower, this rare China tea blooms as it brews.

Flavor Notes

Smooth and mellow, a treat for the eyes and the palate

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About this tea

Tea Story

One of the world's most unusual teas, Green Peony is completely handmade. Plucking only the finest spring growth, the leaves are skillfully tied into a beautiful flower shape and then pan-fired by hand. This rare tea comes from a pair of small villages in southern Anhui Province, China, on a remote mountain where virtually every family grows tea. Most of the farms are less than 1/3 acre. The result is an exquisite little work of handcrafted art. But the real magic happens when the artwork meets water. As the tea infuses, the compact rosette unfurls to become a spectacular water-borne blossom with a breathtaking resemblance to the gorgeous peony flower. It’s especially fun to serve guests – brew it in a glass vessel to produce gasps of wonder around your table.

The tea itself is smooth and sweet, with a light, floral aroma. And it won't turn bitter from over-steeping, even if infused up to an hour. So you can keep adding water as the tea is consumed and enjoy two or three delicious cups from the same leaves.

Brewing Tips

Place one peony rosette in a 16-oz. glass teapot.
Bring water to a rolling boil; let it cool for 2 minutes.
Pour water in the pot and watch the peony unfurl.
Enjoy two or three servings from the same leaves.

Customer Reviews
  • Jacqueline De Lara 11/15/11
  • CA

Not only is this tea ABSOLUTELY beautiful when brewed in a glass teapot, it tastes wonderful and never goes bitter as a result of steeping the tea too long. I, too, try to buy as many green peony teas from Peets as it''s only sold during certain times of the year. I highly recommend it!

  • Michael 10/3/11

The bad news with the green peony tea is that it varies from batch to batch due to high degree of hand processing involved in its preparation; the good news is that the continuum goes from good to great. Even a "bad" tin of green peony is never bitter, always lovely, and produces flavorful infusions after multiple steeps. A great tin is subtly floral and nutty and just plain awesome.

  • Nancy , drinking Peet's since 1973 9/2/11
  • Berkeley

This the best specialty "flowering" green tea I have come across! I eagerly wait every year to get 2 or 3 tins. The tea is lovely, flavorful and doesn''t get bitter with over-steeping. The one flower can give multiple infusions and looks so pretty as it steeps. I highly recommend it!

Employee Reviews

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