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Summer House® Iced Tea

Item No. 500622

Available: Online Exclusive

This summer-inspired iced tea blend contains China and India teas for a brisk, frosty and refreshing glass.

Flavor Notes

Brisk yet mellow with a slightly sweet, toasty note

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About this tea

Tea Story

Iced tea is an altogether different drink from its steaming counterpart, calling for a smoother, more refreshing flavor. Summer House contains three teas from China and India for a blend that’s at once slightly sweet, toasty and mildly brisk.

Brewing Tips

Measure 2 heaping spoonfuls (6g) of tea for each cup of water to make a double-strength brew.
Bring the water to a rolling boil, pour immediately and cover with a lid; steep for 4 to 5 minutes.
Strain into pitcher containing equal amount of chilled water.
Stir and serve over ice.

Customer Reviews
  • Kate , drinking Peet's since 2013 11/19/14
  • Hamilton, NY

This is by far the best iced tea out there. Ever. A local business carried it and my colleague and I went at least once a day for what we affectionately referred to as the "lifeblood." The business closed and it was devastating - we tried all the teas in town but none compared! We just got around to ordering a brewer for the office and I'm THRILLED to find this blend online to order for ourselves!

  • Sister Janet , drinking Peet's since 1983 3/5/14
  • Yakima, WA

This is the best iced black tea there is. I have been drinking it since 1983 -4 when I would buy my tea from the Peet's on Vine in Berkeley. Now I am over 700 miles away and I order it, along with other teas from Peet's.

  • Letty , drinking Peet's since 2009 7/24/11
  • Richardson, TX

Summer House Tea is distinctively superb! I buy it brewed and self-serve at an exceptional local grocer, Market Street. I won't have it any other way! Brewing it myself may not taste the same. In fact, buying it across town at another location of the same grocer doesn't even give rise to the same insatiable flavor. Love this product! Thank you, vendor and retailer!

  • Jeffrey Perry 1/17/08
  • Novato, CA

I am an Ice Tea fanatic. It's all I drink. Maybe that's why I have strong healthy teeth and gums. I love a strong brisk tea and Summer House is great. Flavored teas are good on a hot summer day sipping on the porch but if you like to sip, slam or guzzle high quality black tea this is the one.

Employee Reviews
  • Jon S. , drinking Peet's since 1997 9/28/09
  • CSR
  • Home Office
  • Home Office, CA

This is more than just tea, it

  • Melissa West 7/30/05
  • Webmaster
  • Emeryville, CA
  • Emeryville, CA

A hot day, sun scouring the sky and the heat making the pavement dance. Is that a mirage I see on the horizon?<br>The only relief: a cool glass of Summer House Iced Tea. Brisk, tangy, slightly malty-sweet, totally satisfying. Brew a pitcher because you'll want to drink it all.

  • Rominda Toledo 7/21/05
  • Retail sales
  • El Paseo, CA
  • El Paseo, CA

This tea is particularly pleasant during the summertime, but it is an iced tea we carry all year long because of its well-balanced flavor. This black tea has a sweet aroma s well as a

  • Pat Troise 6/30/05
  • Retail Sales/Barista
  • Brentwood, CA
  • Brentwood, CA


  • Trystyn Gutierrez 6/30/05
  • Retail Sales
  • Laguna Niguel, CA
  • Laguna Niguel, CA

Summer House leaves me feeling very refreshed. The moment this tea hits my taste buds I taste the sweetness and I am left with a toasty aftertaste.

2016-02-11 03:06:01

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