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Arabian Mocha Sanani

Item No. ARB-M

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Harsh, dry mountain terrain and primitive farming give this full-bodied desert miracle a distinctive wildness.

Flavor Notes

Lush and spicy like wine, with hints of cocoa and dates. Complex, pungent aroma.

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About this coffee


Coffee Story

Distinctive in both flavor and appearance, Arabian Mocha Sanani grows under harsh, primitive conditions in the arid mountains of Yemen, on the Arabian Peninsula. The mocha variety of coffee favors a terrain of low bushes on barely cultivated land, and these plants sprout miraculously from spring water oases and rock-hewn terraces — where they have to struggle to produce every single coffee cherry.

The centuries-old method for rendering the beans is equally arduous. When most of the cherries are ripe, the farmers pick them all at once and dry them on rooftops and hardened-earth patios. These dried coffee cherries are then hand-milled through traditional stone wheels to remove the hulls and release the two beans inside. This timeless, organic process is what accounts for the rare and naturally wild flavors characteristic of Arabian Mocha Sanani coffee.

Although the unusually small, rounded beans are irregular in form, size, and color, they brew one of the finest cups of coffee on earth. The flavor is reminiscent of a spicy wine, with a full body and pungent, exceedingly complex aroma. Excellent on its own or blended, the unique taste is a perfect complement to almost any other coffee — especially in the classic blend with Java.

Customer Reviews
  • Zoran , drinking Peet's since . 4/14/16

We first started drinking Sanani when the Starbucks still had it. Then they discontinued it and I found it at Peet's. It's the only coffe that makes perfect crema on our little Gaggia espresso machine. The flavor is absolutely fantastic. Full bodied, reminiscent of chocolate and cocoa. A delight.

  • Teapot , drinking Peet's since . 4/13/16

One of if not THE best coffee I have yet to try! For background, I love espresso but typically hate coffee served black. I discovered I love this one black! It is like the boldest snappiest Italian roast on steroids, and then some. It's got a rich full body I want to describe as super dark fruity chocolate, not too acidic at all, bound together with a beautiful wisp of smoke. Perfect. Now this is what I'll be brewing to have with a cigar.

  • Michael , drinking Peet's since . 2/5/16

I love this wonderful coffee,what a great taste . It is best when pressed, it losses something in a drip coffee maker. It will definitely give you a boost.

  • Lauren , drinking Peet's since 2015 8/24/15
  • Beaverton, OR

I defected, happily. I have patronized "S..." for a long time even after they discontinued my favorite Arabian Mocha Java and Sanani blends. An internet search brought me to you. My cup and cupboard are full. These coffees are rich, smooth and add a bit of happiness to the coffee experience. Thanks Peets people!

  • CoffeeLover , drinking Peet's since 2015 7/18/15
  • Chicago, IL

I have had Peet's coffee occasionally over the past few years. Just tried this coffee for the first time. Absolutely amazing. Smooth with the right amount of flavor without overly harsh bitterness. Nothing else I have ever had comes close in its taste!

  • len , drinking Peet's since 1961 4/14/15
  • charlotte, NC

half and half w/ Sulawesi Kalosi makes the perfect mocha java type for morning coffee:

Employee Reviews
  • William J. Heinze , drinking Peet's since 1966 2/26/15
  • Barista
  • Fountains in Roseville, CA
  • Lincoln, CA

Of all the Peet's coffees, I like this the best. It has an excellent nutty roast flavor with an excellent mouth feel. If I did not know it was from Yemen, I would swear it was an Indo Pacific coffee. It is quite full bodied and not bright, two things I look for in my coffees. I would highly recommend this to any Peet's coffee drinker.

  • Sooz 7/28/09
  • Customer Service
  • Home Office
  • Home Office, CA

I'm always amused at just how often this coffee is the take home of preference for Peet's employees! I wonder how much of it we drink ourselves! Sanani just transports you to another place: very deep, earthy and dried cherry fruit aroma. Super rich finish, slightly dry sometimes at the end. Heavy "big" red wine notes and, now, I notice a floral, almost jasmine-like aftertaste. Ahhhh!

  • Brandon Glover , drinking Peet's since 1998 12/2/08
  • Counter
  • Willow Glen
  • Willow Glen, CA

The fruit-infused rich chocolate aroma and flavor of this odd bean demands any coffee drinker to learn to use a French press. The wine comparison Sanani draws is ironic: some would claim that Pinot Noir is the most complex and satisfying red, and it too is odd and requires special care. This coffee is organic and requires more than bean plucking. A distinguished achievement in Peet''s selection and coffee flavor.

  • Kaelin Broaddus , drinking Peet's since 1984 10/8/08
  • Shift Lead
  • Torrey Highlands
  • Torrey Highlands

I'd been a fan of Peet's House Blend for about 20 years. When I was hired at Peet's Torrey Highlands store in San Diego in 2005, I discovered during my training that I preferred the brighter Latin American coffees compared to the African/Arabian and Pacific coffees. Just recently, a coworker brewed Arabian Mocha Sanani for iced coffee at the store, and in one sip I was hooked. Hot or cold, this is the best coffee I know. I tell all my customers, too!

  • janice zazinski 11/16/06
  • manager
  • lexington, lexington,ma,
  • lexington, MA

Ask anyone in the Lexington store what they want to make for a press pot and we'l all say 'Sanani!' We love everything about this coffee -- the wild juicy berry smell as we grind it, the fresh burst of blue/blackberry wine taste, the full, smooth body that so smoothly coats the palate. We also love that it's cultivated in such difficult terrain and like to tell customers fun Sanani trivia -- that Yemen is the home of coffee cultivation, and how when Europeans first tasted chocolate, it reminded them of the coffee imported from Mocca. We also dig how the little beans are so different from the others that you can instantly tell them apart!

  • Robin Galguera 7/24/05
  • Retail sales/Barista
  • Lafayette, CA
  • Lafayette, CA

I always have to show my customers the sweet tiny beans of this Arabian coffee. The beans may be miniscule, but the aroma and taste is anything but! When brewing it, I immediately smell cinnamon followed by...rose? I feel as though Arabian Mocha Sanani is clearly the most unique and complex coffee we carry. Can you tell it's my favorite?

2016-05-01 07:26:22

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