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Costa Rica

Item No. CRA-M

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Our single-origin Costa Rica is a true regional coffee that reflects the country’s vibrant, venerable culture.

Flavor Notes

Lively and full-bodied. Deep flavor with hints of spice, citrus, and smokiness.

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About this coffee


Coffee Story

We love Costa Rica for its natural beauty, vivacious people, and high social and environmental standards. But most of all, we love it for the excellent coffee that reflects all these qualities. While the fine coffees of this Central American country are featured in many of our signature blends, we save the most distinctive lots for our single-origin Costa Rica.

Most frequently selected are finds from the fabled (and shrinking) region of Tres Rios, high lemony coffees from the Zona de Los Santos in Tarrazu, or our favorite single estate of Doka on the shoulders of the Poás volcano. Here our longstanding partners the Vargas family produce a broad shouldered cup, that springs not only from their deep agronomic expertise, but acute social consciousness and environmental stewardship.

The result is coffee that's consistently of the highest quality, with the brightness and spicy notes the best high-grown Latin American beans are known for. It makes for a satisfying, full-bodied cup with deep, pungent flavor and a hint of smokiness just below the surface.

Customer Reviews
  • Gabriel , drinking Peet's since 2009 12/5/13
  • Fullerton, CA

The Costa Rica was not my 1st choice to sample, but it is the most impressive. Maybe it's because I steer away from medium bodied coffees. This coffee is full, and bold enough for me. The smokiness really makes up for the slightly less fullness of Peet's very full selections. I will order again.

  • Robert Gemerek , drinking Peet's since 2010 2/10/13
  • Blasdell, NY

costa rica is my new favorite coffee.....its incredibly well balanced with a sort of tropical taste.....definitly something i could drink everyday and probably will.....i think its better then peets columbia. i wish they had this in stores.

  • Anon 8/2/09

If you're searching for a coffee with a heavy body, and a deep robust flavor, search no further. Peet's Costa Rica blend of coffee is the coffee you've been searching for! I always have some stored in the fridge for that very special treat, or for when I'm entertaining those extra special guests.

  • Bulent Erdem , drinking Peet's since 2008 5/4/08
  • Istanbul, Turkey

I also tried Peet's Colombia (Huila region) and Guatemala San Sebastian (Antigua region) but to me the Costa Rica was the best of the Peet's American trio. It was also one of the BEST two coffees which were so distinctive and impressive to me that I have ever tasted in my life. The other best coffee was so bright in the acidity and had a unique volcanic smokiness in the flavor, it was roasted by another roaster as a special reserve coffee from Guatemala Antigua region. And this Peet's Costa Rica has a full body, bright acidity and a unique, exceptional, wonderful "cocoa" flavor which is never bitter but so sweet. Both the dry fragrance when the beans are ground and the wet aroma when the coffee is brewed and poured to the cup are so wonderful and intoxicant. I also tried other Costa Rican coffees from different roasters including single farm coffees which had high scores from "Cup of Excellence"

  • David Bass 1/31/08
  • Lubbock, TX

This coffee is absolutely wonderful. I can't give the fancy talk about subtle flavors and such, all I know is this is by far my favorite coffee. I have tried lots of blends and coffees from around the world, including Jamaican Blue Mountain and none compare to this. I just wish my local Peets sold this in whole bean.

  • Jeannette Ward 2/21/06
  • Saint Louis, MO

I have always been a coffee enthusiast. Many years ago I visited Costa Rica for a conference. As we ate at each restaurant I always ordered coffee and at each I would say, "Wow! This restaurant has great coffee." At some point it dawned on me that maybe it was the country rather than the restaurant. So I bought some beans and brought them home. I was sad when they were gone because other "Costa Rican coffee" I bought just didn't taste the same. Subsequently on another trip to California I discovered Peet's and their Costa Rican coffee and have been a regular customer ever since. Peet's Costa Rican is really Costa Rican and has the same great taste and fragrance that won my loyalty in that country many years ago.

Employee Reviews
  • Ginny Phillips , drinking Peet's since 1983 8/5/09
  • customer service rep
  • Call Center
  • Call Center, CA

This is a coffee that surprises me every time I taste it. It is always wonderful, but sometimes smoke and spice are the predominant flavors, and other times it

  • Robin Galguera 7/26/05
  • Retail sales/Barista
  • Lafayette, CA
  • Lafayette, CA

The Peet's coffee with plenty of bling! An intense sparkle permeates this wonderful Central American coffee. Customers develop a devout loyalty to this coffee and often ask for "a pound of MY Costa Rica." !Viva el caf

  • Shea Roney 7/24/05
  • Field Trainer
  • Emeryville, CA
  • Emeryville, CA

Coming from the mountains that surround the premier surf spots of Latin America, Costa Rica is a highly enjoyable coffee that gives you the spicy hints of cinnamon, smokiness from the jungle rich hillsides, and nice well balanced acidity reminiscent of bright sunny days. The full bodied feel to the palate gives you the depth of excellence that Costa Rica has not only in it

  • Bryan Pyle 7/22/05
  • Barista
  • San Ramon, CA
  • San Ramon, CA

Costa Rica is without a doubt my favorite single origin coffee available at Peet

  • Yanco Saldana 6/30/05
  • Barista
  • Costa Mesa, CA
  • Costa Mesa, CA

At first taste Costa Rica jumps towards your taste buds with citrus excitement that leaves you lingering for more. This Latin American coffee finishes with a subtle smokiness that reminds you of how flavorful this coffee can be.

  • Eric Plemmons 11/6/01
  • Tasting Trainer
  • Portland
  • Portland

Peppery--very bright acidity and light body, very clean and tart.

2016-04-29 05:50:03

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