Uzuri African Blend®

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A beautiful, fully sustainable coffee that helps small-scale farmers improve their lives.
Flavor Notes:
Mouthwatering malty sweetness, with a fragrant medley of dark berry notes.
About this coffee

Coffee story

In the words of Peet's Roastmaster Emeritus Jim Reynolds, "Coffee can be a powerful means of doing good." That sentiment is the soul of our newest blend, a unique combination of coffees from Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia that supports the small-scale farmers of East Africa.

Long before we started buying their beans, our partnership with the non-profit Technoserve was giving these farmers hands-on training to grow higher quality coffee that commanded more favorable prices. They already had the terroir; our assistance helped them cultivate the techniques to produce coffee of Peet's caliber. With top-grade beans to sell, their incomes are rising, improving their lives as well as their communities.

They also gave this fully sustainable, distinctly African blend its name, Uzuri — which is Swahili for beautiful or excellent. We don't think there's any better way to describe coffee with such a flowery fragrance, smooth, malty-sweet flavors, and dark berry undercurrents. Especially when it's also a powerful means of doing good. Uzuri...beautiful.

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  • 10/5/16
  • David Weight
  • drinking Peet's since 2016
  • Lansing, MI

About ten years ago, I worked on a project with farmers in Rwanda to develop high-quality coffee for the first time in that country. It is rewarding to see that Peet's has chosen to include Rwandan coffee in this beautiful (Uzuri) blend. I believe this is the best coffee that I have ever had!

  • 8/25/16
  • Mark Richards
  • drinking Peet's since May
  • Lewis Center, OH

Just tried this today. No big surprise that I LOVE it, since I love your Kenya & your Tanzania is amazing. I can hardly wait for the weekend, when I have time to make some pour over with it. The Tanzania Peaberry, by the way, made some of the best pour over I have ever tasted. And, like the Kenya, it was also great iced. I am sure that this will work well over ice also. Thanks & keep up the good work!

  • 1/12/16
  • Colleen Saufley
  • drinking Peet's since 2008
  • Wilmington , DE

Received this as a Christmas gift from my son,with this specific coffee included. This coffee has the smoothest finish! It has a mild yet rich flavor! I am a huge fan of Peets, and now more so than ever!

  • 8/10/15
  • David Tisdale
  • drinking Peet's since 40+ y
  • Shawnee, OK

Bright, slightly acidic. Grows on you. I make half-caff with decaf Sumatra

  • 4/11/15
  • Dustin
  • drinking Peet's since n/a
  • Rio Vista, CA

This is simply a very nice cup of coffee. Good as a French Press, solid as an Americano, smooth as straight espresso

5 of 14 Reviews | View All

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