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House Blend

Item No. HOU-M

Available: Grocery | Peet's Store

Price:   per lb. $12.95
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A perennial customer favorite, this inviting Latin American blend is a perfect introduction to Peet’s coffees.

Flavor Notes

Bright, balanced, and medium-bodied. Pleasant hint of spice with a crisp finish.

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About this coffee


Coffee Story

Ever since Alfred Peet opened the doors of his first small Berkeley shop in 1966, Peet's has been known as a pioneer of fine, distinctive coffees — high-grown, higher quality, and deeply roasted to maximize flavor. House Blend is a perfect introduction to our signature style.

First crafted by Mr. Peet, this blend of carefully selected, choice beans from our favorite Latin American origins brews a quality cup that's uniquely rich and approachable, with a pleasant spiciness. It's deep-roasted by hand in small batches to impart the most flavor and aroma. And like all our coffees, it's delivered unimaginably fresh.

The bright, balanced flavors and medium body make House Blend so inviting and easy to love, Mr. Peet used to call it a "starter coffee." He would recommend it to get customers acclimated before introducing them to a range of flavors. But we think he may have underestimated himself; more than four decades later, Peetniks everywhere are still at home with House.

Customer Reviews
  • Christopher Lopez , drinking Peet's since 2013 2/19/15
  • Arecibo, PR

I can't believe how well this coffee tastes with every brewing method that I use it. Very bold and smoky in the french press, bright and balanced in the V60, and even makes good iced coffee. Great price and great value.

  • Kelley Arndt , drinking Peet's since 2000 2/19/14
  • Lancaster, CA

I love this coffee! Of all the coffee Peet's has to offer, this has become my favorite. It tastes so smooth and perfect and I have been putting it in an Ekobrew filter for my Keurig and it works wonderfully, I also love it in my French press. I buy it whole bean and do not grind it until I use it, that way every cup is fresh and bursting with flavor! This is the coffee that always makes me crave a second cup!

  • Jennie Galvan , drinking Peet's since 2005 1/6/13
  • Ceres, CA

The house blend is so good, I buy it both husband and I enjoy it most days as a treat. Thank u Peets got your wonderful special coffees. Jennie Galvan

  • Bill Janota , drinking Peet's since 2011 9/20/12
  • Amarillo, TX

I love this coffee. I moved to Amarillo a year ago and bought some Peetes coffee at a local grocery store. This is the best coffee I have ever had. I have tried Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Millstone, Seattles Best and many many more but you guys are the best. Your coffee is very smooth but yet very rich and full of flavor. Your beans are always fresh and that is something else that is rare among other coffees. They might be good some of the time but not all the time. Once again, I think you have the best coffee in the world.

  • Susan P , drinking Peet's since 2008 9/11/12
  • Chicago, IL

I love the Peet's House Blend. It's the perfect morning cup of coffee and never disappoints. It's rich and never bitter. Love it!

  • LeNae Richard , drinking Peet's since 2010 3/3/12
  • stop and shop

Nothing, absolutely nothing compares to your coffee! I have a moccamaster coffee maker, the combination of both makes the perfect coffee.

Employee Reviews
  • Lisa Brandon 6/30/05
  • Shift Lead
  • R St. Sacramento, CA
  • R St. Sacramento, CA

I think this zesty Latin American blend is one that is often overlooked among Peetniks, but with its spicy kick and lively aftertaste, it still remains one of my favorite blends. I find this medium bodied coffee great in the morning or for desert as the flavor is not too powerful, but still very pleasing. It

  • Maritza Exarchos 6/24/03
  • Call Center Rep
  • Roasting Plant, Emeryville
  • Roasting Plant, CA

During a comparative tasting I was startled with new perspective by the punch the House Blend gave me at first sip. It's one of those coffees I've always taken for granted, but it's spicy, tangy notes were more pronounced than ever. These notes mellowed into a pleasantly round, full cup with a bright overall high note which left me feeling like I could enjoy some even after a savory meal. It's the ultimate classic cup for anytime enjoyment!

  • Amie Bailey 8/28/02
  • Manager
  • Bush/Battery/Market
  • Bush/Battery/Market

House Blend is a great introduction to Peet's, offering up all that is special about Peet's Coffee (our unique Deep Roast and the highest quality coffee possible), and never presents itself as your typical House Blend coffee. The spicy Central American coffees combine to give the drinker a harmonious cup that challenges the palate, but does not overwhelm. New crop coffees are added in to give subtle changes (is that Kenya I taste?) throughout the year, but the overwhelming spicy, effervescent, new mown hay flavors with a crisp & clean finish never disappear. I might flirt with other coffees on our menu, but always return to that pillar of exceptional coffee - House Blend.

2015-03-30 12:59:48

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