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Kenya Auction Lot

Item No. KEN-M

Available: Peet's Store

Price:   per lb. $16.95
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The most prized auction and private sale microlots, never blended but artisan roasted one after the other.

Flavor Notes

Big and juicy. Browned sugar sweetness with sublime berry and citrus overtones.

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About this coffee


Coffee Story

Established more than 100 years ago, the Kenya Auction is the ultimate meritocracy for coffee, with the top prices awarded to the most exquisite lots, sampled in cupping rooms around the world. Many people say Kenyan coffee is the best there is; we don't think there's any better Kenyan coffee than our Auction Lot.

When the crop is at its seasonal best in March and April, we work with our longstanding partner in Kenya to narrow hundreds of top-grade lots at auction down to a select few that meet our standards for perfection. It's an absolute frenzy — we receive samples directly from the auction and have only a day to taste, debate, compare, and decide on our bids. With the emergence of private sales a few years ago, we will also purchase outside the auction, but only from the same august co-op societies, in the same small bag quantities, and typically at even higher prices.

Fortunately, more than 25 years of experience buying directly from the Kenya Auction gives us an advantage in this competition. Our approach is precision buying at the highest level, and we bid only on the choicest single lots, rather than stock blends created by exporters. And although we may walk away with the prize, the real winners are Kenya coffee drinkers who love its juicy, complex flavors, brown-sugar sweetness, and dazzling dark berry aromas.

Customer Reviews
  • Steffen Pelz , drinking Peet's since 1995 10/12/14
  • Austin, TX

Great stuff. The closest one can get to Ethiopian Queen City / Peaberry without having to wait for special roasts. Amazing aroma and taste and a lovely bright cup in the mornings with some floral elements to it. The wife and I really loved it.

  • Richard , drinking Peet's since 2010 12/25/13
  • Shreveport, LA

This is my favorite coffee from Peets. I know everyone says that in their reviews, but I keep coming back to it. I always miss it when i try other coffees. It's a very masculine tasting coffee as others mentioned, and in my opinion is the perfect coffee to brew early in the morning. Although, you can also brew it slightly weaker in the afternoon and still have a good tasting cup of coffee.

  • P H Allen 8/18/10
  • Indio, CA

Wow! This coffee was a most pleasant surprise. I would move the BODY indicator a little closer to the FULL, and the LIVELINESS indicator a little closer to BALANCED. The coffee possesses a earthy nut like flavor, and is found to be quite pleasant and most tasty. Although the smell of the freshly ground beans is enchanting, the taste goes way beyond the aroma of the beans. This coffee is absolutely enchanting.

  • Cari 3/7/10
  • CA

Deep, earthy, delicious. Wine, tobacco, floral-- yes, I'll agree with that, but tomatoes? I don't think so. Very complex, hearty, choco-lovely; try it! You'll love it! Great any time of day, this is our favorite everyday late-afternoon coffee.

  • Jeff Dudley , drinking Peet's since 1991 6/29/08
  • Thousand Oaks, CA

Just to try something, I blended the beans from the Kenya and Guatemala together - wow. This replaces the Kenya alone as my favorite brew. It's just so rich, deep and lively. I use equal amounts of each. I call it Kenyamala.

  • AMH , drinking Peet's since 2005 3/29/08
  • Alameda, CA

After receiving a sampler box of Peet's, I've been steadily working my way through. Kenya was described as ''bold'' on the package, but I suspect that if you are a fan of Sumatra, like I am, you will find this coffee watery and tart. There's a definite edge that I can only describe as ''lemony'' or ''citrus'' which I rather like, but it''s not a coffee that can stand up to heavy creamer like Sumatra can. I''ll try the freshly ground Kenya next, to see if it is different, but I would save Kenya for mornings or lighter dessert fare, not to pair with heavier or rich foods that might overwhelm it.

Employee Reviews
  • Sooz 7/28/09
  • Customer Service
  • Home Office
  • Home Office, CA

Kenya and I go way back. This coffee, in fact, was the first coffee I felt I truly understood. One morning, years ago, I was preparing some coffee to be served at our bar. As I emptied a bag of Kenya into the grinder and turned the machine on, this whoosh of aroma just flew out! Fruity! Tangy! Roasted sweet tomatoes! Such amazing smells! I always find the taste and texture to be just perfect: simply sweet and sweeeeet cherry tomato fruity, super clean texture and gentle finish. An all-time favorite.

  • Natalie Sigala , drinking Peet's since 2000 6/23/08
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Emeryville
  • Emeryville, CA

I love this coffee! I usually tend to shy away from coffees that are bright and medium bodied but this is one that I cannot pass up. I believe that I was mistaking a bright and medium bodied coffee to be a light tasting coffee and that is not the case with the Kenya. It is a very flavorful, bold coffee, with a wonderful light acidity and delicious berry overtone that is rich and smooth in texture and flavor. This coffee is a regular take home of is always delicious.

  • Ginny Phillips 4/9/07
  • customer service rep
  • Oakland, Call Center,CA,USA
  • Home Office, CA

I love so many of Peet's coffees, but Kenya is my absolute favorite. Year after year, it's superb. It's bright and citrusy, but with a rich, deep finish that's very satisfying whether I brew it using drip or press pot. If I could drink only one coffee for the rest of my life, it would be Kenya.

  • Chris Thompson 9/10/06
  • Shift Leader
  • Longmont, Westminster, CO,CO,80503
  • Longmont Westminster, CO

Gazing with wonder at the slightly golden brown beans resting softly in our bins, one cannot help but yearn for a press of Kenya's gift to the world. The aroma initially erupts with fresh tomato vine envoking thoughts of gardening on a warm Sunday afternoon. Curiously, however, the actual flavor of Kenya does not pop with tomato vines, rather, it begins with subtle notes of earthiness and then intense sensations of grapefruit emerge. This provides a tart, but clean finish. And for those warm Suanday afternoons, Kenya makes the absolute finest iced coffee you will ever experience.

  • Jenna Crockett 6/30/05
  • Barista
  • Lone Tree, Brentwood, CA
  • Lone Tree Brentwood, CA

Kenya has a citrusy flavor with a little floral taste to it. It has nice acidity and is a little bit tangy.

  • Christopher Barcelon 6/30/05
  • Barista
  • Davis, CA
  • Davis, CA

A taste of Africa in every cup. Kenya produces excellent coffee that is bright, flavorful and aromatic. Fruity yet full bodied, this coffee goes well with fruit, especially blueberries. My favorite is to drink Kenya on ice while eating chocolate covered blueberries.

2015-04-02 03:09:57

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