Ethiopian Fancy

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An elegant experience from the birthplace of coffee, meticulously prepared by the washed method.
Flavor Notes:
Medium-bodied and pungent, with tangy citrus flavors and lingering floral aroma.
About this coffee

Coffee story

We have Ethiopia to thank for coffee. It's the birthplace of the bean, which still grows wild there in resplendent diversity. In fact, it's the region's botanical variety that makes Ethiopian coffee so special, bestowing beans with a distinctive appearance and aroma — long and slightly curved, with a beautiful floral scent that reminds some of jasmine blossoms. Ours comes from Yirgacheffé in the Sidamo state, east of Lake Abaya, where we find special lots that best exemplify these qualities.

The coffee we select for Ethiopian Fancy is the finest washed Arabica, prepared in a fashion that enhances its uniquely refined flavors. Perfectly ripe cherries are picked and pulped the same day. Careful fermentation loosens the gelatinous fruit, and the coffee is then washed in high mountain waters. Cleansed beans are gently dried on raised beds, where farmers rotate them frequently to prevent any sun-scorching.

This method produces a bright, tangy brew with peerless clarity of flavor. Its pungent floral aroma lingers almost like a perfume, giving way to distinct, lemony citrus notes. Alfred Peet thought this medium-bodied coffee deserved to be called "Fancy," and it's easy to taste why.

Brewing Tips

In Ethiopia coffee is drunk over hours, at the center of social ritual. Powdered in a mortar and boiled in a clay pot, it's served in three stages, sweetened or not, on a tray of decorative demitasse. You can approximate by grinding fine, employing tiny cups, and always, always sharing with others.

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  • 1/29/17
  • Mike
  • drinking Peet's since For y
  • Hillsboro, OR

I've been buying Ethiopian roasted whole beans at a couple of other roasting places but wanted to try Peets as it was roasted right before shipping, the other places were up to several weeks old when they shipped.

The other beans I bought were all mid roast while Peets did theirs a dark roast. I find the dark roast tastes way over roasted to me with a lot of the flavor not there compared to the mid roasted beans. Because of this I'd rather buy older more flavorful beans than fresh roasted over roasted taking beans. Sorry Peets, I gave you guys a try but I'll go back to the other roasters for my Ethiopian.

  • 7/3/15
  • Kyrie
  • drinking Peet's since a lon
  • Frederick, MD

This was not a coffee that I care for. Like another reviewer, I wound up giving it away. To me, it tasted rather harsh (but I have been drinking Kona, so maybe it suffered by comparison)

  • 7/14/14
  • Jeanne
  • drinking Peet's since the 9
  • Newberg, OR

Discovered Peets while working at the San Diego Supercomputer Center. It has followed me wherever I go.

Ethiopian Fancy was part of a trio I ordered a while back. Liked it so much I ordered three more pounds lest they ran out! A flat out favorite. I love the way it "lingers" after the last sip. Great brewed in a French Press. Cannot recommend it enough.

  • 9/11/99
  • Matt and Karen Sarad
  • Bakersfield, CA

We have tried all the coffees and blends Peet's has to offer, and the Ethiopian is the one we both agree on for smoothness, rich flavor, and day after day enjoyment. Until another crop of Tanzanian comes in, the Ethiopian fancy is as close to heaven as we can find.

  • 8/25/99
  • Charlene Dunlap
  • , a Peet's Employee
  • Barista, Lyon Village
  • Sacramento, CA, USA
  • Sacramento, CA

Full-bodied and complex, an earthy start followed by a tangy, berry overtone, the finish is clean and creamy. Beautiful out of a presspot, delicious iced.

2017-03-23 10:06:29

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