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Our most popular blend, without caffeine. Quite possibly the most flavorful cup of decaf you’ll ever have.

Flavor Notes

All the rich complexity and body of the original. A surprisingly bold decaf.

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About this coffee


Coffee Story

A loyal customer of our original Berkeley store, retired army officer Key Dickason brought the idea for our most beloved blend to Mr. Peet in 1969. Intrigued, our founder worked with the local gourmand and coffee aficionado to refine it. They sampled countless combinations before arriving at what is now our all-time bestseller. The result was so good, Alfred Peet decided naming it after his friend wasn't enough — Dickason's rich, complex blend also deserved a promotion from sergeant to major.

Major Dickason's combines the best origin coffees from the world's premier growing regions, each imparting its distinctive regional characteristics while still effortlessly rounding into a smooth, balanced cup. Over the years, it has become the coffee that epitomizes Peet's: flavorful, deeply roasted, and unsurpassingly satisfying. But for us, Major D's is just like a relationship with an old friend. We'll always remember it as the story of a customer's passion, an expert's palate, and a shared love of coffee.

For a decaf version of the best-loved Peet's coffee to earn the Major Dickason's name, we felt it had to brew the absolute finest decaf cup in the world. So we used the exact same premium beans as the original to create a blend just as full of flavor, body, and aroma, but without any caffeine. The mellow, satisfying richness stands alone among decafs, whether prepared in a press, by drip, or as espresso. It's the boldest of its kind. We think Major D would be proud.

Customer Reviews
  • J. Goff , drinking Peet's since 2014 6/25/15
  • Harrison, AR

I have always hated decaff coffee and could always spot it if I was given a cup no matter the blend or brand. I actually bought a bag of Major Dickason's Blend of Dark Roast Decaff at a discount store in town and also by mistake. Did not look close until I got home and thought, oh great .. boo bah humbug. However I was not going to throw it out. At the time of purchase which was sometime last year, I decided I would start supplementing regular with this when thought I needed a cup occasionally toward late afternoon. I have also kept it in the original package and in my refrigerator (not freezer). After having a cup or two over time I realized that it was VERY good tasting and tasted just like regular coffee to me which greatly surprised me. I still did not drink it often but this year have decided to radically cut down on caffeine and have been using this more frequently. It has not gone bad or rancid or whatever and is still just as good as when I bought it last year, amazingly. So I looked you up to see if you still existed. I was impressed. Thank You!

  • christina , drinking Peet's since 20 ye 10/1/14
  • atlanta, GA

This stuff makes unbelievably amazing cappucino.

  • Eric , drinking Peet's since 1976 5/21/14
  • Portland, OR

I began drinking coffee at the age of 3 years old. I'm not an addict, I can quit any time. I just can't fathom why I would do so.

I hate this coffee. Passionately.

I ran out of my normal CoffeeFool two days ago, ordered some online but needed my fix. Went to the local grocer and picked up a bag of Major Dickason's... the best supermarket offering.

I couldn't, for the life of me, explain the raging headache I had last night... until... whilst making this mornings cuppa I noticed the putrid green strip on the bag declaiming "DECAFFEINATED".

THIS STINKIN' DECAF HAD FOOLED ME YESTERDAY. I have *never* been fooled by decaf before. I'm ashamed and horrified.

Luckily my regular coffee came in the mail this morning.

  • Bea , drinking Peet's since 2009 3/18/14
  • Wakefield, RI

I love this decaf and all Peet's coffee. Far and away the best option at the grocery store. Also much better than Starbucks. Guests at my home always remark on how good this coffee tastes.

  • Marion , drinking Peet's since 1990s 5/30/13
  • Potomac, MD

I love Major Dickason's DECAF...doesn't taste weak like many decafs do. One question, If this is a best seller, when will we see the K-cup version?

  • bop 11/28/12

We love the regular Major Dickason, but this decaf version did NOT please us. It tasted over-roasted and seemed to lack body. Fortunately, Peets has other much better options for Decaf (our favorites include Mocca Java Decaf and Sumatra Decaf).

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