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Half-Caf Coffees

Take the edge off. Five signature coffees,
blended 50/50 with their decaf counterparts.

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  • French Roast - Half-Caf

    Price:   per lb. $15.25
    Only half the caffeine of our classic French Roast, but just as full-bodied and intensely flavorful.
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  • Arabian Mocha-Java - Half-Caf

    Price:   per lb. $17.00
    Every bit as sumptuous and full-bodied as the original blend, all that’s missing is half the caffeine.
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  • House Blend - Half-Caf

    Price:   per lb. $13.25
    It’s the same satisfying House Blend Peetniks have loved for over four decades, but with half the caffeine.
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  • Sumatra - Half-Caf

    Price:   per lb. $15.50
    We use the same beans for regular and decaf Sumatra, so you can bet this half-caf is full of flavor and body.
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  • Major Dickason's Blend® - Half-Caf

    Price:   per lb. $15.50
    It’s the blend that perfectly epitomizes Peet’s coffee, with half the caffeine but all the rich satisfaction.
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