Arabian Mocha-Java - Half-Caf

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Every bit as sumptuous and full-bodied as the original blend, all that’s missing is half the caffeine.
Flavor Notes:
Bittersweet depth that’s rich and chocolaty, giving way to more complex flavors.
About this coffee

Coffee story

When these two coffees were first blended centuries ago, they were undoubtedly much different than what's grown in Yemen and Indonesia today. Yet this combination of rich Mocha coffee from Arabia tempered with estate Java remains a popular blend around the world, even with beans from other regions now widely available. And it's easy to see why when you taste the bittersweet chocolate flavor.

In fact, the word mocha became associated with chocolate because Europeans' first experiences with cocoa, in the 17th century, reminded them of the bittersweet coffee they imported from Yemen. As with any blend, the quality of the origin coffees is everything. And in this case they're outstanding, with a full body and rich, delicious complexity.

Brewing Tips

A great coffee to enjoy the original way--ground to a powder with spice--especially cardamom--and boiled to a froth with sugar. Drunk from a tiny cup, grounds and all.

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