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Bodum Santos Vacuum Brewer

Item No. 429368

Price:   $89.95
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A design classic, this entertaining Bodum Santos brewer produces 6 clean, crisp cups of coffee every time.
Includes a coffee scoop and a resting stand.
The vacuum pot (also known as a siphon brewer) was invented in the 1930s and popularized in the 1940s and 50s. Widely used before paper filters came into style, vacuum pots produce a clean, crisp cup of coffee with a pronounced body.

The original Bodum Santos has gone unchanged since it was first introduced. It is also available in Peet's stores.

Brewing Recommendations:

Ingredients and Supplies:
- 32 oz fresh, cold filtered water
- 12 Tbsp coffee, ground to a course drip setting
- Wooden or plastic spoon

1. Pour 32 ounces of water into bottom globe and place on medium heat.
2. Secure filter in the funnel and insert top globe into bottom globe. Lightly press down on top globe to make a seal.
3. As the water heats, steam vapor will force it up through the funnel and into the top globe.
4. After the water transfers to top globe, turn the heat down to low. A few ounces of water will remain in the bottom.
5. Add 12 tablespoons of ground coffee to the water in the top globe and stir with a wooden or plastic spoon to saturate the grounds. After 1 minute, stir again and remove from heat.
6. As the temperature drops, a vacuum is produced which draws the brewed coffee from the upper globe into the lower globe, leaving the grounds up top. A dramatic burst of bubbles in the bottom globe marks the end of the brew cycle.

9 1/4" (L) by 6" (W) by 11 1/2" (H). Dishwasher safe.
Customer Reviews
  • Danny Keefe 9/21/11
  • Yakima, WA

If you love coffee you will be extremely happy using a vacum coffee maker. It is more work this a normal coffee brewer but if you want to get the full flavor of the coffee this is the best way of doing so. The perfect coffee gift! very unusual gift and fun to watch! Action pack coffee maker! producing action and increase's the flavor of your favorite Peet's blend

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