Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Item No. 478132

This sturdy and nearly silent grinder has 16 adjustable settings and a timer to fine-tune the grind.
From extra fine to extra coarse, Conical Burr grinders like the Capresso are known to produce the most consistent grind and preserve the most natural aromas.

• 16 clearly marked fineness settings: 4 each for extra fine, fine, regular and coarse
• A wide grinding range – from Turkish fine to very coarse – for all kinds of coffee preparation
• Commercial-grade conical steel burrs with advanced cutting design for high precision grinding
• Gear reduction motor grinds slowly, with reduced noise and little static build-up
• Slow grinding speed creates less friction and heat buildup for maximum flavor and aroma
• Removable upper conical burr for easy cleaning
• See-through bean container holds up to 8.8 oz.
• Tight-fitting ground coffee container (holds up to 4 oz. of ground coffee)
• Variable grind timer – from 5 to 60 seconds.
• Safety lock system
• Elegant, timeless and user-friendly design.
• Cleaning brush and measuring scoop included.

7 ¾” (L) X 5" (W) X 10 ½” (H)
Customer Reviews
  • Brian , drinking Peet's since 1997 7/26/14
  • Ames, IA

After 8 years of daily use, this grinder still works great. We use this at the coarse setting for a French press coffee maker. Grind is consistent and no problems with bitterness. Relatively easy to clean, but to avoid problems with electrostatic repulsion, I recommend leaving to receiver bin a little dirty (just tap out the loose grounds, don't wash everyday).

  • Robert P. , drinking Peet's since 1980 1/4/12
  • Saginaw, MI

Just switched from a blade chopper to this burr grinder. Surprise: no bitterness, full coffee flavor, smooth, can taste the nuances of the bean (Sumatra) wonderful coffee! Should have switched long ago (ah, well, live and learn). Highly recommended machine. Tip: brush clean after every use - doesn't take long to do, really, - and then no build up.

  • Bob L. , drinking Peet's since 1996 12/26/11
  • Danville, CA

I have had this burr grinder since mid 2007. Overall I highly recommend it as one that lasts and is easy to use (and clean). We have used it to grind coffee for press, drip and percolators. Through all the various uses have found that versus blade grinders the quality and flavor of the coffee is definitely improved. At least monthly cleaning is a must to keep the unit in good working order and it is fairly easy to clean. Just let the parts air dry completely before using again. The only problem I have had with it in that time was the timer knob finally broke and I had to use something to turn the timer since the knobs are no longer sold separately. If you are looking for a good long lasting grinder for under $100, I highly recommend this model.

  • Tommy Smith 4/5/10
  • Petaluma, CA

This is the best quality grinder you can get for under $100. I've been using mine intensively for a little over five years now and have given a couple as gifts with only praise in return. It is incredibly easy to clean (which should be done after nearly every use or before it sits around for more than a few hours). It can be a little difficult getting a brush up into the shoot from below and after four years of multiple uses a day the silicone grind guard started stiffening up from the effect of coffee oils (I'm sure it can be replaced when needed) but there's little else I can complain about. The plastic is tough but may crack from impact. Shortly after buying I managed to break off the interior bean hood in the hopper meant to slow beans entering the mill and shorten bounceback but it hasn't been an issue. Consistency has really surprised me. I use this for cupping roast samples, turkish, vacp

  • James Petersen , drinking Peet's since 1968 12/31/09
  • Mililani, HI

Mine finally bit the dust (metaphorically speaking) after a number of years. I'm going to order a new one today. I use it for espresso exclusively and it does the job. It does clog after a while and needs to be taken apart and cleaned. This can be a bit messy since you don't know it's clogged until you have the hopper full of beans and are trying to grind. re: the negative review- In the words of Charles Schultz: "You can pet a dog, you can pet a cat but you can't petaluma".

  • Ron , drinking Peet's since 2001 12/6/09
  • Pembroke Pines, FL

My disk burr grinder never did grind quite fine enough for my Krupps Espresso machine, even after tampering with it. That grinder started falling apart after several years, so I ordered the Capresso grinder. I was skeptical that it would grind fine enough without modifying it and voiding the warranty, but when I ran the first batch of beans through it on the finest setting, the espresso machine could not even pump a single drop of water through it. So, I backed off the fineness setting a couple of clicks, and now I'm getting a perfect grind for Espresso. I have no doubt that the finest setting would make good Turkish coffee, too. :-)

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