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Hario V60 Glass Dripper Filter Cone

Item No. 504042

This glass filter cone from Hario is specifically designed for brewing pour-over drip coffee.
The cone’s curved ridges help control water flow as it interacts with coffee grounds.
Made of heatproof glass, for use with a Hario V60 paper filter.

Base is 4 inches across. Dishwasher safe. Made in Japan.

Based in Japan, Hario has been making high-quality glass products with excellent design and function since 1921.

Hario Pour-Over Coffee Brewing

Ingredients and Supplies
• 18 oz of fresh, filtered water
• 4 tablespoons of coffee, ground fresh for cone filter
• Hario V60 drip brewer
• Hario V60 filters
• Hario Buono Drip Kettle
• 14 oz capacity mug

1. Bring freshly drawn, filtered cold water in the Buono Kettle to a boil.
2. Fold Hario filter on seam and place filter in V60 on top of mug. Rinse the filter with hot water to minimize papery flavors. Discard water, returning rinsed V60 on top of mug.
3. Measure the grounds into the filter.
4. Pour water slowly over to saturate all grounds until the first drips drop into the cup. The grounds will puff up and deflate slightly. Wait about 15 seconds for this stage of extraction called the “bloom”.
5. Resume pouring water, in the center of the V60, making a small counter-clockwise circle with stream.
6. Allow the coffee to filter through completely before enjoying.
7. Total brew time is 2 to 2:45 minutes, including bloom.

Click here to download a printable recipe card.
Customer Reviews
  • Gregory 12/18/12
  • Mill Valley, CA

What an exceptional way to make coffee and yet so simple. This is a great, no amazing way to enjoy your cup. I find myself looking forward to heating up the water, (filtered of course) preparing the filter and glass cone. Then grinding the beans right before the kettle tinkers at you. The simple way to create a cup with such a simple balance from spout to beans, thru the filter and over the glass winding down into a container (with a Peets logo on it showing my tribute to the chef, Contigo is my favorite) waiting to further the daily engagement/ritual of My favorite Peets coffee. Wow, I love this coffee. And thank the Japanese for creating and such a simple and amzing way to make coffee and start your day. And it just makes sense that Peets is selling this in there stores. They are a perfect on their own yet compliment each other so well. I'll stop drooling over this and go drink some coffee, I

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