Brewing Kits

Brewing Kits

To brew the best Peet’s, you need
the right tools. We’ll get you started
with the right items for your own kit.

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  • Ultimate Hario Brewing Kit

    Price:   $259.95
    Brew like the experts do at home with everything you need from Hario.
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  • Soma Water Purifier Pitcher

    Price:   $39.95
    Great coffee or tea starts with great tasting, purified water
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  • Chemex Lover's Essentials Brewing Kit

    Price:   $109.95
    The perfect brewing kit to create a unique craft coffee experience at home - Chemex® glass mugs, 8-cup Chemex® coffee maker, Chemex® natural coffee filters, stainless steel scoop, AirScape canister. Each Brew Kit comes with a 1/2 pound (whole bean) of
    Peet's signature Major
    Dickason's Blend.
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