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Contigo Thermo Ceramic Mug

Item No. 502978

Price:   $15.95
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The comfort of ceramic meets the insulating benefits of stainless steel in this 14 oz. Contigo mug.
It's a smart coffee mug design that combines patented technology with contemporary styling. Hand wash only and please do not microwave. BPA-free. Made in China.
Customer Reviews
  • Sabell , drinking Peet's since 2002 3/6/15
  • Napa, CA

I've enjoyed the use of this mug for over 4 years and I love this mug! Ceramic is my thing. I use the lid only to keep the coffee from cooling off, and remove it to sip. Coffee stays hot for a good half hour with the lid on and warm for almost an hour, not quite, but it all goes down the hatch in less than 25 min. most days.

Love to use this mug for my night time tea (which seems to stay hot longer than the coffee, go figure. Time to do a few liquid science experiments to find out exactly why this is) and morning coffee.

Don't expect much for a travel mug (stainless steel thermos is good for that), since its large a$$ don't fit in most cup holders. This stays at home and goes into the garage with me while working on projects.

Just last week I knocked it off the shelf onto a metal grate, dumping the contents and breaking the ceramic top into 4 large shard bits (breaks nicely=easy to clean up, unlike glass which shatters tiny bits everywhere ;). So, I'm super stoked it's still available... and on sale! Yes! Buying another 1 as I write this silly review. Hmmm, maybe 2 should do it.

  • John , drinking Peet's since 1980 6/1/13
  • Menlo Park, CA

While the one hour claim is at the outer limits of "hot" endurance, I have to say that I really like this mug (which I received as a gift from someone that purchased it from a Peet's location).

This is my "first cup in the morning" mug. I generally don't like Contigo's other mugs (I'm a Nissan stainless thermal guy....), but this mug impressed me so much so that I went shopping for a second (and here I am...). $14.95 is a great price ($16.99 on Contigo's website plus $4.99 shipping, $22.95 from an Amazon Seller with "free shipping", etc.)

I don't use the lid - What I like about this mug is that it keeps coffee hotter longer than a regular ceramic mug and it delivers the pleasure of drinking *hot coffee* from a ceramic open-topped mug. It's hot to the last drop - It holds a fair amount of coffee and, for me, it's keeping it hot for the 30 minutes it takes me to get through it at home in the morning. By that time, I've got the 14oz Nissan with the lever lid locked and loaded for my "hot all morning" cup that I take to work.

  • abarta42 4/6/12

Do not buy this product if you think this cup will keep your coffee hot for 1 hour. No way! Possibly a bit better than a regular mug but not much. A very disappointed customer. I expected better from Peet's.

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