Press Pot Brewing

Press Pot Brewing

French Press might just be our favorite brewing method:
it's easy to control and always delivers a full-flavored cup.

The French Press brewing method allows you to control the entire process, including water temperature and steep time. It also enables you to fully extract the flavor from the beans, since it directly infuses all of the coffee grounds for the entire brewing process.

  • Using the chart below, measure freshly ground coffee and transfer it into a pre-heated French press.
  • Bring freshly drawn, filtered cold water to a boil and allow kettle to sit for 30 seconds before pouring.
  • Pour enough water to cover the grounds, start your timer and wait for the grounds to puff up. This stage of extraction is called the "bloom."
  • Stir to saturate the grounds evenly. Then add remaining water to fill. Fill to the top of the metal band.
  • Place screen gently on the press, then slowly press the screen into the coffee and partially plunge the infusing grounds. Then pull the screen up to just below the surface.
  • When three minutes have elapsed, press the screen and the coffee grounds all the way to the bottom.
  • Serve and enjoy!
Press Pot
Peet's Press
Measuring Scoop
3 Cup
(12 oz).
4 3c
8 Cup
(32 oz).
11 8c
12 Cup
(48 oz).
16 12c

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