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Roasts on Wednesdays only.

Our single-estate, 100% Kona combines the top two grades—Fancy and Extra Fancy—for extra dimension.

Flavor Notes

Hibiscus aroma with passion fruit sweetness. Delicate, apricot finish.

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About this coffee


Coffee Story

The region known as Kona on Hawaii's big island has been synonymous with superb coffee for more than 150 years. Steep volcanic hillsides and a microclimate of sunny mornings and cloudy afternoons create the perfect conditions for cultivating smooth, sweet-flavored beans.

Follow the Old Mamalahoa Highway, and you'll see coffee growing on both sides of the road — but the best comes from the mauka, or mountain side. That's where the trees reach their natural willowy height, requiring harvesters to pull the ripe cherries closer with hooks. We think the refined flavors of these beans make them well worth the extra effort. That's why only the highest grown, highest quality Kona from a single estate on the mauka goes into this reserve. The taste is mild and mellow, with a hint of tropical sweetness; it's like Hawaiian hospitality in a cup.

Like our other reserve coffees, Kona is only available in limited quantities — 1/2-lb. bags — and roasted to order just once a week, exclusively on Wednesdays. We do this to make sure it's as fresh as possible when you receive it. Orders must be placed on or before each Tuesday, and are shipped within 24 hours of roasting. You also have the option of choosing a future Wednesday shipment at checkout.

Customer Reviews
  • Paul 9/9/16
  • Santa Rosa, CA

Damn good cup, but alas Peets dark roasts everything. Although this is the lightest Peets I've seen, the roast does cover up a lot of the flavor. I got a deal on Peets cards at Costco, so had to try some coffee other than my own home roast.

  • Chris 8/30/16
  • San Francisco, CA

This has to be one of my all time best coffees I've ever tasted. Not sure how best to describe it but toasted almonds and perhaps salted caramel ... absolutely buttery smooth. Loved it...worth the money.

  • Paul M , drinking Peet's since Starb 8/24/16
  • Oracle , AZ

Dark roasting is the main reason I don't buy peet's Kona, price being the other reason. I buy Kona elsewhere and can order it light roasted or dark. I get a pound of each and mix them together, the taste is outstanding.

  • Ken , drinking Peet's since 1977 5/11/16
  • Dixon, CA

In my opinion, dark roasting a Kona Bean just masks its flavors. Much better in a medium roast, but Peets dark roasts virtually everything they sell. Would be nice if they would let you select the roasts for the coffee's they sell. You can get high quality Kona beans elsewhere for $34 a pound, and you can select the roast.

  • Jeff , drinking Peet's since 1981 6/6/13
  • Ventura, CA

I've been a subscription orderer of Kona through Peet's for years. Kona is really the reason I became a daily coffee drinker 30 years ago, and quite a while back, I concluded that Peet's was the best bean roasted best I could readily find.
Today, I cancelled my subscription. The last several pounds have been mediocre. Either they have chosen to buy inferior beans or they've forgotten how to roast them properly...or both. In any case, $50/lb. implies better than they now deliver, I'm very sad to say.

Employee Reviews
  • Theresa K 5/13/16
  • Customer Service
  • Emeryville
  • Emeryville, CA

Kona is a delicate, but intricate coffee. Prepare with a press pot to fully enjoy the layers.

2016-10-24 02:06:49

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