New Guinea Highlands

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The volcanic soil of Papua New Guinea turns Jamaican Blue Mountain beans into one of the world’s best coffees.
Roasts every Wednesday.
Flavor Notes:
Rich and mellow, yet aromatically complex. Full-bodied with broad flavors.
About this coffee

Coffee story

Travel just north of Australia and you'll reach the second-largest island on the planet, New Guinea. Blessed with rich volcanic soils and perhaps the most ideal climate for growing coffee, the island is divided evenly between two territories — the Indonesian province of Irian Jaya on the west and the country of Papua New Guinea, where this coffee comes from, on the east.

The beans in this Peet's favorite were originally imported from Jamaica's Blue Mountain region in 1937, bringing with them the dawn of coffee cultivation in Papua New Guinea. Indo-Pacific conditions proved immensely favorable to Jamaican coffee, producing a complete, complex cup that recalls the old Blue Mountain style, before the influx of high-yield, less flavorful varietals. We think its broad, mellow flavors, aromatic complexity, and full body make it one of the world's absolute best.

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  • 2/5/17
  • Dierdre
  • drinking Peet's since unsur
  • Pescadero, CA

The Best!

  • 1/1/17
  • Patti Koning
  • Dallas, TX

New Guinea Highlands is consistently excellent. Smooth,deep, complex flavor with a subtle cocoa finish. It's delicious in the French press either on its own, or in 50/50 proportion with Peet's House blend for a little extra bite.

  • 4/26/16
  • Lee
  • drinking Peet's since n/a

i really like this coffee. it is full and very flavorful... roast is just right. Enjoying a cup now out of the Aeropress... it is great drip brewed or pressed.

  • 3/27/16
  • Lisa V
  • drinking Peet's since n/a

Smooth, rich and delicious! While visiting friends in Vancouver, WA we stopped in a Peet's cafe. The barista strongly recommended New Guinea Highlands, since I was a fan of JR Blend, but did not like the high spend for this coffee. As other reviewers have stated, the low acidity and rich body of this coffee is unsurpassed. Yes it is very similar to Jamaican Blue Mountian, however missing a key component, no rich chocolate notes. Still, for the cost differential, this is a great buy and is now one of my favorite Peet's offerings. Am going to experiment and blend these beans with other coffee varieties to see if I can add the chocolate notes. Brewing notes: I brew at 200 deg F using a French Press. 7 tbsp freshly ground coffee, to 18oz water and let stand for 4 minutes prior to pressing and enjoying.

  • 6/25/13
  • Robert Gemerek
  • drinking Peet's since 2007
  • Blasdell, NY

Very good coffee, I still think JBM is a better quality coffee overall, but this has the same low, well balanced acidity/bitterness that JBM is known for but also has unique, sort of herbal like flavors that are unique to this coffee.

5 of 7 Reviews | View All

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