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Major Dickason's Blend®

Item No. MAJ-M

Available: Grocery | Peet's Store

Price:   per lb. $14.95
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Conceived by one of the first Peetniks and refined by Mr. Peet, this premier blend is our all-time bestseller.

Flavor Notes

Rich, smooth, and complex, with a very full body and multi-layered character.

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About this coffee


Coffee Story

A loyal customer of our original Berkeley store, retired army officer Key Dickason brought the idea for our most beloved blend to Mr. Peet in 1969. Intrigued, our founder worked with the local gourmand and coffee aficionado to refine it. They sampled countless combinations before arriving at what is now our all-time bestseller. The result was so good, Alfred Peet decided naming it after his friend wasn't enough — Dickason's rich, complex blend also deserved a promotion from sergeant to major.

Major Dickason's combines the best origin coffees from the world's premier growing regions, each imparting its distinctive regional characteristics while still effortlessly rounding into a smooth, balanced cup. Over the years, it has become the coffee that epitomizes Peet's: flavorful, deeply roasted, and unsurpassingly satisfying. But for us, Major D's is just like a relationship with an old friend. We'll always remember it as the story of a customer's passion, an expert's palate, and a shared love of coffee.

Brewing Tips

Brew it in a French press for a perfect cup, or enjoy it as an exquisite espresso.

Customer Reviews
  • Jenny , drinking Peet's since 20 mi 2/14/15
  • Springfield, IL

I was trying to find a good coffee that would complete with Starbucks Casi Cielo blend which is their only drinkable coffee and only available for about six weeks a year. I had heard rave reivews about Peet's but being in the Midwest, it was only pipe dream. Our local grocer recently started carrying it and today I purchased my first bag of Major Dickason's Blend. Damn you Starbucks and your stingy offerings of drinkable coffee for only six weeks a year. Peet's has me for life!

  • Carl , drinking Peet's since Janua 1/28/15
  • Haddon Township, NJ

All I have you been all my ofcan say is Wow! Major Dickason, where been all my life?

  • Teri Chandani , drinking Peet's since 2014 1/16/15
  • Irvine, CA

I am a complete coffee fanatic, and grew up in WA, where coffee was always a big part of life :) I have been drinking all sorts of coffee since I was 16, I'm now almost 40, and I FINALLY found a home-brewable coffee I am crazy in love with. Major Dickason is the only one for me :)

Quick description: Full-bodied, yes, with chocolatey-awesome undertones (though there's no chocolate added as far as I know). A nice deep dark coffee that retains an incredible smoothness.

  • John , drinking Peet's since 1998 12/15/14
  • Keller, TX

I've tried many coffees and this is by far the best from any coffee company. Espresso with this blend is wonderful. It's never bitter, always smooth and full of flavor.

  • Michael Weaver , drinking Peet's since 2012 12/1/14
  • Riverwoods,, IL

Wasted a lot of time drinking mediocre coffee until 2012 when I decided to try Major Dickason's Blend( whole beans). Ground and French Pressed, I challenge anyone in the coffee audience or coffee business to tell me what has better deep saisfying rich flavor of coffee than this! Starbuck's has nothing that compares!!!

  • Warren Wolf , drinking Peet's since 1990 11/10/14
  • Erie, PA

I like to try different brands of coffee and this past weekend I came across this blend on the shelf. Long story short,,,I love it! full bodied flavor without the acidic stomach after taste. Perfectection from Peets

Employee Reviews
  • Natalie Sigala , drinking Peet's since 2000 6/26/08
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Eneryville
  • Eneryville, CA

For years, I had been trying to find the perfect coffee. A coffee that is rich and smooth. A coffee with a mild acidity but with a bright quality that I enjoy. And I finally did it! Major Dickason's is it! Whatever types of coffee are blended to make unique brew is what I have always been looking for! I love you Major D!

  • Jonna Hensley 10/19/99
  • Management Trainer in SF
  • Emeryville, CA, USA
  • Emeryville, CA

Major Dickason's Blend is like a perfectly orchestrated symphony. Five coffees, each with very different flavors on their own, combine for the smoothest cup with sneaky peaks of flavor! It's so easy and rewarding to drink!

2015-03-06 11:58:30

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