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India Sacred Seeds

Item No. ISS-M

Available: Online Exclusive

Price:   per lb. $18.95
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Extended for 1 more roast - Weds. 9/2

From the Arabidacool Estate, a coffee with a history as rich as its complex flavors.

Flavor Notes

Complex, savory and sweet, with rich herbaceous flavors and a lingering nutty finish

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About this coffee


Coffee Story

This month we're bringing back an amazing coffee with an intriguing and legendary story.

It was the middle of the 17th century. The middle east was the center of world coffee production, jealously guarding against foreign cultivation by sterilizing any exported coffee seeds.

Enter Baba Budan, an Indian religious man on a pilgrimage that included a visit to what is now Yemen. Encountering the local coffee in a place and manner lost to history, Baba Budan was hooked on the power of this exotic fruit. Strapping seven fertile coffee seeds to his stomach, risking severe punishment, he secreted them away to his home in the mountains of Karnataka state in what is now western India. These were the Seven Sacred Seeds that spawned an entire growing region, one less known to popular coffee culture but incredibly well respected by our coffee mavens.

Smuggling like this eventually became the norm for the expansion of world coffee production – the Dutch to Indonesia, the French to Latin America, and on and on. But Baba Budan was the trendsetter, celebrated in his culture widely – Sufi Sainthood, and an entire mountain range named for him (the majestic Baba Budangiri in Karnataka). Not too shabby.

This coffee comes from the exceptional Arabidecool (Ara-BEE-de-cool) Estate – a picturesque and eco-friendly farm set in the Baba Budangiri range, where a pleasant climate and rich soils impart classic flavors that form an enjoyably drinkable cup.

Complex, savory and sweet, with rich herbaceous flavors and a lingering nutty finish, India Sacred Seeds is its own spiritual journey in a cup.

Customer Reviews
  • Richard Nelson , drinking Peet's since 08/29 8/31/14
  • Sandy, UT

WOW. The experience began when I opened the box. I could already smell a hint of this heady bean. Then opened the bag and BOOM. Then the grinding. Oh!
Now the drinking and loving. I love being able to order a pound of coffee and have it roasted to order and shipped for free. Thank you Peets!

  • Mitchell Sternbach , drinking Peet's since 1990' 8/28/14

I ordered one pound, and am now sorry it's sold out. My wife and I loved it. I'm a Major D fan, and we're often disappointed exploring other coffees, even from Peet's. The Major has spoiled us, but it's fun to have a change of pace every now and ten. This coffee was excellent. If I had known, I would have ordered more than one pound. Life would be simpler if I just stuck with the Major- it's doable- but then I'd miss out on pleasant surprises like this. I hope that it's offered again soon.

Employee Reviews

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