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Holiday Blend 2015

Item No. HDY-M

Available: Online Exclusive

Price:   per lb. $16.95
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Taste the best of our coffee craft, a celebration of the finest lots and locales of the year

Flavor Notes

Spicy-sweet and velvety smooth

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About this coffee


Coffee Story

In the last 24 years, we've created 24 different Holiday Blends, and our customers have rejoiced in all of them, knock on wood (and spice, and sumptuous body). The secret is in selection, and the time we take to create a blend expressing the particular character of the current crop year.

From the late fall and winter, when we taste what's coming in from the Indo-Pacific, to the spring when Central America shines, to early summer, when the best East Africans arrive on our shores, we cup and choose, cup and choose, salting away the most exceptional, most intriguing lots. The coffees themselves guide the process; where great flavor is found, Peet's follows.

The finest washed-process coffee of the Indo-Pacific hails from the remote interior highlands of Papua New Guinea. Specifically the Western Highlands, specifically the Wahgi Valley, and specifically Kimel Plantation, which through the years has proven one of the finest New Guineas grown. This year we found its deep green, double washed beans heavy with hallmark tropical fruit, juicy, and seductively sweet-savory.

From the wet-hulled side we chose Sumatra, not from any particular zone but by profile, angling for more fruitiness—of the pipe tobacco kind—spicy aromatics, and the caramel heft that reminds us of so many Holiday foods. One at a time over months of deliveries we reserved lots of this character, eschewing aged coffees for this year's edition, so look for a rounder, fruit-forward blend with all of the dazzle but less finishing dryness.

What would the Holidays—and Holiday Blend—be without chocolate, bittersweet, bright and rich, as can only be tasted in the finest Antigua coffees? And finishing on a smooth note, we selected several outstanding lots of Kenya, tapped for their floral, juicy, dark berry sweetness and silky texture.

That's it. Four seasons, four coffees, each brilliant in its own right, brought into harmonious whole in Peet's Holiday Blend. For the 25th straight time, and starting with the best coffees in the world, we finish with a spicy, rich, and full-bodied blend that's perfectly suited to the celebratory time of year.

Customer Reviews
  • Nancy , drinking Peet's since 2013 12/24/14
  • Bridge City, TX

"Holiday Blend 2014" is the best coffee. I usually buy "Arabian Mocha-Java". I bought both types opened "A.M.J." first then could not wait to try the "Holiday Blend 2014". Never finished the "A.M.J." have been drinking "HB 2014" ever since. Even my husband loves "HB 2014" & prefers it over any coffee has has tried. I have ordered Holiday Blend 3 times now. Today, I ordered 6 one- pound bags. I will be sad when it is gone. Truly, the best coffee I have ever had & I am very picky! Hope you all get some!

  • laura , drinking Peet's since 2012 12/9/14
  • Lompoc, CA

i just bought this yesterday (decaf) it is amazing. i went back to the store today to get more and could not find any. i am hunting all the stores in my area for some. it is a deep full bodied flavor. not bitter. just delightful.

  • Jeff F. , drinking Peet's since 2012 12/8/14
  • Rochester, NY

I can smell the Yirgacheffe upon first grinding the beans. Then the other aromas start to bloom. This is the first coffee I have tasted that actually seems to improve with aging. I haven't progressed enough in my tasting ability to know if that's from the flavor of certain beans fading during storage or the flavor of certain beans becoming stronger. I am pretty sure that it's not just from "getting used to it". I have purchased another bag and am curious to see if I will like the new bag upon opening it as much as I like the current bag.

  • Sandy Seamster , drinking Peet's since Peets 11/14/14
  • Salem, OR

I have bought 3 boxes of this plus a bag of ground. The boxes are for the Krups and ground for the regular pot. I love the flavor of this coffee. I am going to order the 96 box of it and get more at the store to stock up on it. This is the best tasting coffee...flavor is awesome. Its the way a good cup of coffee should taste. Since it says limited edition, I am assuming that it won't be sold for a while after this. I wish it were. I love it.

  • RAG , drinking Peet's since Late 10/20/14
  • Eastern, MA

I noticed the Holiday blend reviews on this page are still from the 2013 blend, so I figured I'd write a review of the brand new Holiday 2014 blend.

I've liked the Holiday blends from previous years, so I bought a half pound of the new 2014 Preview from my local Peets store, to try. This one is fantastic! I've always preferred African & Indonesian coffees (I especially love the wild dry-processed Harar beans) so this blend is perfect. It's wonderfully deep-flavoured with a full body, and the smell alone is enough to get me moving in the morning. The taste really does have notes of dark chocolate and caramel. It would hold its own in a latte or cappucino, but I prefer to drink it black. I will try it as espresso next, as it would also make an excellent after-dinner sipping coffee.

If you prefer the clean, bright Central/South American coffees, this blend may not be for you. But if you love the more sultry dark coffee flavours as I do, you will love this year's Holiday blend. I will definitely buy more before it's gone!

  • Chris C , drinking Peet's since 2000 10/19/14
  • Tustin, CA

Just tasted at my local shop. Oh my full body goodness. I cannot wait for this to get released for sale at stores. I agree with other reviewers that this should be a standard blend. Outstanding!

Employee Reviews

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