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Sweets & Treats

Satisfy your sweet tooth with everything from
artisan candy to ingredients.

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  • Jo's Cinnamon Spiced Caramel Grahams

    Price: $7.99 $3.99
    Entertain your holiday guest with this decadent treat.
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  • Jo's Cranberry Almond Bark (3pc)

    Price: $4.99 $2.99
    Start a new family tradition with this decadent treat from Jo's Candies. Comes in a small package of 3 pieces perfect for stocking stuffers or just a quick treat for yourself. - Flavors include white bark, almonds, cranberry, sea salt and a hint of orange - This product is certified Kosher dairy - NOTE: contains dairy, nut or gluten
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  • Jo's Peppermint Bark (3pc)

    Price: $4.99 $2.99
    Use promo code SALE and save 40% on holiday items. A sophisticated treat of peppermint-infused dark and white chocolate with sprinkles of candy cane bits.
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