Ethiopian Super Natural

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A captivating cup from the birthplace of coffee
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Unique, heady aroma; sweet & pungent fruitiness reminiscent of wild blueberry
About this coffee

Coffee story

Roast: Dark Roast
Process: Natural
Growing Region: Single Origin, Guji Region, Ethiopia
Variety: Heirloom
Farmer: Smallholder farmers in Hambela and Shakiso
Altitude: 1750 – 2300 meters
Notes: Organic certified

Everything you need to know about Ethiopian Super Natural is in the name. Well, almost. Clearly it is from Ethiopia, but specifically it is from the south of Ethiopia, the most storied region for what? Washed coffees. That’s right—lemony, pure and incredibly perfumed washed coffees. That’s why what Abdullah Bagersh did was so innovative.

More than a decade ago, he came up with the idea to take the best, most carefully selected, purely ripe fruit from the highest elevations in the region, and instead of removing the skin and pulp at the washing station—making a washed coffee—to painstakingly dry it whole, spreading the cherries on tables in the sun. This takes exquisite care, because cherries have to be spread to a single layer, and covered every day at 11:00, when the sun is at its hottest, and uncovered at 2:00, and all the while culled for individual fruits that spoil before they can dry.

It’s risky, and takes two weeks, and you never know how it will come out, which is one of the reasons washing was invented. Natural processing is by far the older method, but it can be dreadfully inconsistent—as in dreadful tasting—and is traditionally done with the range of fruit, from cherries that desiccate on the tree, to those that fall on the ground, to those that are picked green, and taste that way.

This year, we selected coffee that is certified organic –grown under strict guidelines for protecting people and planet, using only natural fertilizers in the most traditional farming methods. Apropos in the birthplace of coffee.

So what’s super about this coffee is the care, the selectivity. What’s supernatural is the taste, because when it works, and the bright, citric, bouquet of flowers and the brilliance of ripe fruit meet the intense, wine-like expression of sugars sun-drying, there’s nothing like it in this world.

Peet's Coffee Buying Team

Doug, Phil, Sean, Emily

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  • 2/2/16
  • Brian
  • drinking Peet's since n/a

Great full-bodied, satisfying cup of coffee (French press).
Please add this or an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe to your regular coffee offerings.

  • 1/29/16
  • Gwen
  • drinking Peet's since 1986
  • Berkeley , CA

Ethiopian Super Natural is the best coffee ever! It is smooth and rich with hints of blueberries but, not overly fruity as that would not work for me. I could probably even do this black, because it's just that smooth. I bought this as a treat as the organic peets coffee holds my subscription( the next best thing) . But, this one is my ultmost fav. I would script this in a heart beat if it were possible. Nonetheless, I heart this coffe and will buy it when ever it is available. I love this stuff!

  • 1/29/16
  • Sue Aiken
  • drinking Peet's since Sixti
  • Paso Robles, CA

So I grew up in Berkeley and during the 50's found Peets and The Cheese Board on Vine near Shattuck! My first introduction to gourmet food and what would become the Gourmet Ghetto in North Berkeley! Was in Peace Corp in Ethiopia in early 60's and revisited in 2012. love the coffee and their ceremony around roasting it. Very Strong!!! So glad you are still here!

  • 1/27/16
  • Derek
  • drinking Peet's since the 8
  • Silver Spring, MD

I'm a long time Peets customer (10 yrs+) and this is the best coffee I've ever tasted. I'm disappointed that I only ordered 2 pounds. Now they're out of stock.

More please.

  • 1/19/16
  • Will Carino
  • drinking Peet's since 2006
  • Sacramento, CA

Used this for a cold brew. As per recommended from the Peets barista, used 1 pound of coffee grounds with 3 liters of filtered water. I brewed it for 15 hours. It's super-concentrated and diluted with water to taste. This brew is amazing!

20 of 28 Reviews | View All

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