Hario Mizudashi Cold Brewer

Price: $24.95
Enjoy delicious cup of cold-brewed coffee at home.
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• Cold-water coffee brewer from Hario of Japan
• Brews coffee in your refrigerator overnight
• Makes great iced coffee
• Reduces acid and bitter flavors compared to traditional brewing methods
• Preserves flavor compounds which can be destroyed in hot brewing
• 34 oz capacity: makes 5 to 8 cups
• Reusable mesh filter
• Glass carafe
• Polypropylene lid handle with polyester mesh filter
• Safe for temperatures up to 248F
• Use soft water with full-roasted coffee, ground medium-fine, for best results
• Coffee stays fresh in the fridge 2 to 3 days
• Dishwasher safe

We recommend using Baridi Iced Coffee Blend for best cold-brewed coffee at home.

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  • 10/17/16
  • DeWitt Henderson
  • drinking Peet's since 1993
  • Las Cruces, NM

Makes great cold-brewed coffee. I've only used mine 4-5 times so far, and I've been experimenting a bit as to how much coffee and water to use to get the best taste and strength, but I'm already pretty much settling on the right blend. Easy to use, easy to clean. The only thing I wonder about is the fragility of the lining of the filter piece, but I'd suspect that's replaceable.

2017-03-29 11:07:37

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