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6-Cup Bialetti Stovetop Espresso Maker

Item No. 478184

Available: Online Exclusive

Price:   $34.95
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First produced in 1933, this cast-aluminum coffeemaker brews 10 oz. of Italian-style coffee on any stovetop.
Just scoop ground coffee into the filter, fill the bottom tank with water, and bring to a boil.

How to Brew

1. Fill the bottom chamber with water to just below the line inside the tank.
2. Place the filter basket into the bottom chamber and fill with coffee grounds.
3. Securely fasten the top serving chamber onto the bottom.
4. Place the Bialetti on a range and set to medium-high. As the water heats, steam pressure will force extracted espresso into the top chamber. Lower the heat to slow the coffee flow and avoid scalding.
5. Remove from heat when the serving chamber is ¾ full. Coffee continues to flow upwards as the brew cycle completes.

Holds 10 oz. Made in Italy.
Customer Reviews
  • Bruce Summers , drinking Peet's since 1985 2/13/13
  • Santa Maria, CA

Pass on the Bialetti and go straight for the Alessi. The Alessi stovetop espresso maker cost over 6x the Bialetti but is built like a Panzer tank. Designed by Richard Sapper it is built in Italy and designed by a German. The best of both worlds! It is also a thing of beauty; actually is in the MOMA . Simple and functional its the Porsche of stovetop coffee makers. The best coffee (Peets) deserves the best espresso maker.

  • sharon bacon , drinking Peet's since 1975 11/22/12
  • monterey, CA

Over the years, I have tried many methods to brew espresso that I liked. This is the most simple method. Besides, the coffee tastes as it should.Peet's French Roast is not bitter and is just the best. And all you need is the coffee, water, heat and a Bialetti.

  • Thom 12/25/07
  • WY

I just bought this for the holidays, admittedly so I could use it a steamer percolator and make a regular cup of coffee with my normal amount of grounds. The 6-cup model takes 250 ml (~10 oz) of water, and makes a little less than that. That is less than a standard 12 oz (Peet's) coffee cup. I'm going to give this to one of the kids and get a 9-cup model. Good coffee though.

  • Carol 4/22/07
  • Long Beach, CA

I just bought a Bialetti because I've always loved the retro design. Now I find that it makes fantastic coffee as well. I am totally hooked! The taste that you get out of a Bialetti is so much richer than what you get out of a drip coffeemaker. And, it's really easy to use!

  • Melinda 2/4/07
  • Shaw AFB, SC

I own a one-cup Bialetti and I love it. Not only can you brew coffee in it, but I also use it to brew loose leaf tea. Plus, its creative design gives the Bialettli an elegant, sophisticated look.

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