Krups® Espresseria Automatic Espresso Machine

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Price:   $799.99
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Simplify the art of coffee with this all-in-one device that will pour you the perfect cup every time.
Whether you want an espresso, coffee, or creamy cappuccino, the Krups Espressaria has been designed to deliver café quality beverages in minutes. With its compact Thermo-block System, 15 bar pump and stainless steel burr grinder, you will feel like a barista in your own kitchen.

The Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screen helps you personalize your drink size, strength, and quantity. The quiet and efficient conical burr grinder prevents overheating and preserves the aroma of the beans for a superior cup. An easy-to-use steam nozzle froths milk in seconds for a creamy, hot latte or cappuccino. The water filtration system prolongs the life of the machine.

• Patented revolutionary compact Thermoblock system
• LCD display screen for easy setup and beverage selection
• Programmable clock, auto-start and auto-off features
• 1.8-liter transparent water tank with empty water tank detection
• Transparent bean container with 275-gram capacity
• Removable coffee cake container
• Removable drip tray
• Adjustable dispenser height (65-105mm) to avoid splashes
• Multi-directional steam nozzle steam nozzle
• Hot water function
• On/off switch
• Includes xs6000 liquid cleaner
14” tall X 12” wide X 9

9 ½" (L) X 12" (W) X 14" (H)
Customer Reviews
  • Jon , drinking Peet's since 2012 4/19/13
  • Ciincinnati, OH

Bought the machine in December 2012, it makes great Americano coffee, the espresso is somewhat weak, but we do not make anything but the Long Americano. It is a great treat, after we found the Major Dickinson dark roast. You need to try this roast it is a perfect blend for the Krups Espresseria.

Employee Reviews
  • Tom D'Acquisto , drinking Peet's since 1980 5/20/13
  • EDI Implementation Manager
  • Home Office
  • Hayward, CA

I bought this mainly because I like coffee to have a froth on it... but mostly because I wanted a new toy. :-) I've only had the machine a week, but have messed around with it and found that coffee on the 4 oz setting is PERFECT.

I'm not an espresso expert, but at the 1.7 oz, it tastes pretty good to me.

I made cappucino using the stainless steel bottle and special hose and nozzle attachment. Really easy... heats up the milk first, squirts it in the cup, then steams it to make the froth.. then hit the espresso button and let it put in the espresso. Good, however, I'd rather steam the milk myself.... less cleanup than using that hose and special nozzle and bottle..

I've used a Jura machine in the past and this is similar, albeit smaller (and not nearly as expensive).

No regrets.


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