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  • Getting Started Gift

    Price: $59.95
    1 lb. of House Blend, an 8-cup press pot, and a measuring scoop – all you need to start brewing at home.
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  • Peet's Coffee Travel Gift

    Price: $34.95
    Take Peet's on the road with a pound of Major Dickason's Blend® and a brown Peet's Logo Travel Press.
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  • Semifreddi's Biscotti - Almond

    Price: $6.00
    Temporarily Out of Stock. Baked just a few blocks from Peet's home office, Semifreddi's biscotti are twice-baked and dense with almonds.
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  • Red Mocha Haraaz

    Price: $29.95  per 1/2 lb.

    Encore Roast. One roast only - Wednesday 2/1

    Rare and exclusive mocha microlot - Pure Arabian Mocha from a single mountain region, a single crop, and select ripe coffee cherry. Encore Roast. One roast only - Wednesday 2/1
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  • Hario Slim Ceramic Hand Coffee Grinder MSS-1

    Price: $42.95
    This compact ceramic by Hario is a must have for any coffee enthusiast.
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  • Bodum Gold Press Pot - 8 Cups

    Price: $59.95
    Add a touch of gold to your morning routine with this Peet's logo-engraved, 8 cup Bodum Press Pot.
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