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A great starter gift featuring our top-selling grinder and three of Peet’s favorite coffees.
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Includes the Cuisinart Supreme and 1 lb. each of Major Dickason’s Blend, French Roast and Sumatra.

Cuisinart Supreme Grind™ Automatic Burr Mill Coffee Grinder: This elegant Cuisinart grinder is designed to preserve delicate natural oils, maximizing flavor and aroma. Just select the desired grind and consistency and the Burr Mill will stop automatically when your coffee is ground.

Major Dickason's Blend®: Our most famous blend, it combines the best coffees from the world's premier coffee-growing regions. Very full-bodied, complex, rich, and smooth.

French Roast: This is our darkest roast and a customer favorite. With a blend of top quality coffees, our French Roast makes a complex, intense cup of coffee.

Sumatra: Very full body, very concentrated flavor. Sweet, slightly earthy, herbal nuances with a gutsy richness. A favorite of Peet's customers for years.

Coffee comes in a Peet's signature gift box.

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