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  • Holiday Gold Snowflake Mug Ornament

    Price: $6.95 $2.99
    Deck the halls with a little Peet's flair.
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  • Jo's Peppermint Bark Tin (11OZ)

    Price: $12.99 $5.99
    A sophisticated candy-cane treat of peppermint-infused dark and white chocolate with sprinkles of candy cane bits. Now you can give Jo's Peppermint Bark in a decorative 11 oz tin. Made by an award-winning confectioner, Jo's Candies. Since 1946, Jo's Candies has made chocolates the old-fashioned, small batch way. Their chocolate is quality-checked for taste, consistency, and overall quality. Because of their strict quality control, every piece of candy from Jo's is made to the highest standards.
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  • Jo's Cinnamon Spiced Caramel Grahams

    Price: $7.99 $3.99
    Entertain your holiday guest with this decadent treat.
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