House Blend

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A perennial customer favorite, this inviting Latin American blend is a perfect introduction to Peet’s coffees.
Flavor Notes:
Bright, balanced, and medium-bodied. Pleasant hint of spice with a crisp finish.
About this coffee

Coffee story

Ever since Alfred Peet opened the doors of his first small Berkeley shop in 1966, Peet's has been known as a pioneer of fine, distinctive coffees — high-grown, higher quality, and deeply roasted to maximize flavor. House Blend is a perfect introduction to our signature style.

First crafted by Mr. Peet, this blend of carefully selected, choice beans from our favorite Latin American origins brews a quality cup that's uniquely rich and approachable, with a pleasant spiciness. It's deep-roasted by hand in small batches to impart the most flavor and aroma. And like all our coffees, it's delivered unimaginably fresh.

The bright, balanced flavors and medium body make House Blend so inviting and easy to love, Mr. Peet used to call it a "starter coffee." He would recommend it to get customers acclimated before introducing them to a range of flavors. But we think he may have underestimated himself; more than four decades later, Peetniks everywhere are still at home with House.

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  • 11/1/16
  • Marcia
  • drinking Peet's since 2014
  • Houston, TX

I gave up Starbucks for this. I never go in Starbucks anymore

  • 6/16/16
  • Jane
  • Atlanta, GA

I'm hooked on Peet's House Blend. I discovered Peet's many years ago in Berkley. I was so happy to find it again in stores after I moved back to Georgia. I drink a mug every day.

  • 5/13/16
  • Stephany
  • drinking Peet's since 1995
  • , a Peet's Employee
  • CSR
  • Home Office
  • Emeryville, CA

House Blend, it is more than what it sounds like...what a coffee!

House Blend is a fabulous blend of Latin American coffees, that is so easy and delicious to drink. I have the opportunity to drink some of the best coffees the world has to offer, yet, I go back to House Blend and just say Ahhhh.

It is one of my three favorite coffees. I enjoy it in the winter months as well as the warmer or iced...really really yummy.

  • 11/30/15
  • Bill P
  • drinking Peet's since 2013
  • Orem, UT

Bought a package of your House Blend just to try other blends and brands. I found a new favorite! Excellent coffee!

  • 8/15/15
  • Charlie Ring
  • drinking Peet's since 8-1-1
  • Vicksburg, MS

Bought a bag of whole bean House Blend at our local Kroger mainly due to the date of roasting printed on the side of the bag. I was very pleased upon opening the bag to see the oily coating still on the beans, not to mention the aroma. Very fresh! Makes a wonderful cup of coffee. Will try other selections, but this is now my favorite. Thanks Peet's for a great coffee!

5 of 10 Reviews | View All

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