Our Experts

Meet the dedicated experts and beloved characters at the heart of Peet's.



Doug Welsh,

VP Coffee and Roastmaster

Doug Welsh is only the third man to hold the title of Roastmaster, after Roastmaster Emeritus Jim Reynolds and Mr. Peet himself. Doug's love of Peet's coffee fueled two degrees at UC Berkeley and a turn as barista at the original Vine Street store before permanently distracting him from a law career. He trained for a dozen years to take the helm of Peet's quality, a post that makes him overseer of sourcing, blending, roasting – even the words we print on the bags. He's a busy and respected character in the world of coffee, and a quintessential part of Peet's.

Eliot Jordan,

Director of Tea

Eliot Jordan came to Berkeley's "Gourmet Ghetto" as a Peet's employee in 1985, and he hasn't looked back. His love of and nose for tea has made him a respected buyer, unearthing rare finds and earning Peet's an international reputation for quality. He also crafts his own blends, creating the flavors you can find only on our shelves. And if that isn't proof enough of his mastery, Eliot is the judge at the biannual World Tea Competition in Las Vegas, which makes him something like the Iron Chef of tea.

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