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New Guinea Gold Peaberry

Item No. NGG-M

Available: Peet's Store

A treasure of subtly sweet peaberries from one of the world’s most remote coffee regions.

Flavor Notes

Smooth, sweet, rounded, with hints of ripe, tropical fruit.

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About this coffee


Coffee Story

New Guinea was first explored in the 1930’s in a quest for gold. Lucky for us, while gold was not discovered until the 1980’s, the early explorers started cultivating coffee imported from Jamaica's famed Blue Mountain region. They planted what we think of as the real New Guinea gold: our coffee! Almost 80 years later, coffee is still grown in the same valleys and, in some cases, by the same families. These treasured beans are our New Guinea Gold and, this year, we’ve saved a small lot made exclusively of peaberry beans to offer for a limited time.

In their nugget-like shape, these peaberries are true treasures. Because peaberries grow only one bean to a cherry as opposed to the usual two, it gets a double dose of nutrients. All the sweetness of New Guinea is concentrated and accentuated in this find, our latest very special offering from Papua New Guinea.

Here’s what our coffee buyer Jodi has to say about New Guinea Gold: “I love the smooth, rounded fruitiness of this extraordinary cup. As I hold a big Saturday mug in my hands, I marvel at the many hands that picked the cherries, hand-sorted for the perfect peaberries, shipped, delivered, roasted and carefully packed this exquisite coffee. I hope you enjoy this special delivery as much as I do!" –Jodi Louws

Customer Reviews
  • Jerry de Jesus , drinking Peet's since 1989 2/8/12
  • North Las Vegas, NV

Just received my pound this morning thanks to Erica at Corporate! It was a replacement shipment for 3lbs of coffee that was stolen from my doorstep earlier in the week, and while Kenya Auction Lot and AMJ were replaced this took the place of an office favorite: Sumatra Blue Batak. Unfortunately, we dilute its true flavor by using a Bunin paper filter drip, but we religiously clean the machine and disinfect it with a solution of water and vinegar, so we were able to capture the highlights of this great coffee: crisp cane sugar goodness on the initial sip, and complex blend of nuttiness and fruit commonplace with a peaberry. Before reading its description, we had guessed a palm fruit or lycee for the fruit influence and were pleasantly suprised to read that it gives a hint of "jackfruit". The finish is clean, though a bit more acidic than what we would expect for a coffee from this region, a

Employee Reviews

2014-11-23 08:54:14

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