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Jamaica Blue Mountain

Item No. JBM8-M

Available: Online Exclusive

Flavor Notes

Nutty and sweet; bright, with notes of milk chocolate and caramel

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About this coffee


Coffee Story

Jamaica's Blue Mountains are one of the coffee world’s best known origins. But not all coffee associated with this moniker is the same – many offerings in fact, being mere blends. Our pick, however, is worthy of the title: 100% Jamaican, grown on an estate that dates back to the 1800's, processed by hand in a plant of the same era. Peet's Jamaica Blue Mountain is subtly complex, sweet, smooth and perfectly balanced - worthy of its renowned origin.

There are stringent regulations around what coffee can be called "Jamaica Blue Mountain". It must be grown in a particular region of the Blue Mountains, at a certain altitude, and certified by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica. It's a very small district, with but a few estates left producing the old-style quality and mild, aromatic flavor which made the origin so famous. We buy from a single estate in the Blue Mountain range - the only one we believe produces coffee of the beguiling quality that first established this origin’s reputation.

It's a combination of the unique regional conditions - rich soil, unexpected tropical altitude and cool mists - together with meticulous processing that makes Peet's Jamaica Blue Mountain such a prized coffee. The estate we buy from is unusual in that it not only grows the coffee, but controls the whole process, applying careful milling, drying and hand sorting under stringent quality controlled conditions. This coffee is treated as special from the moment it is picked to the moment it is packed in wooden barrels and air-shipped to us here in California.

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  • William Devine , drinking Peet's since 2006 12/31/14
  • Murrieta, CA

Purchased a half pound this year. Purchased a couple of years ago and it was very, very good. This year was not nearly as good, but it appears that for some reason the coffee crops 2 years ago were pretty exceptional as the Ethiopian Super Natural that year was really excellent. This year it was only offered in a package with another coffee that I did not want.

  • Joe McK. , drinking Peet's since coffe 12/31/14
  • Largo, FL

This is probably the best coffee I've tasted. I'm glad we spent the $ and experienced it. But, for $90 a pound, it was likely the last time. We are on periodic shipment with Italian Roast and Sumatra, and plan to continue.

  • Todd , drinking Peet's since 1984 11/16/14
  • Prescott Valley, AZ

The Most Exotic, Erotic coffee ever! I have ordered this consistantly and it never disappoints. Wish I could get it all year!

  • Benny , drinking Peet's since 2014 11/7/14
  • New Concord, OH

I can remember buying Blue Mountain back in the early 70's when I was paying $19.95 a pound I believe it was. Used to go to a little coffee shop on Oahu in Hawaii. Mr. Phillips coffee and teas. He had a place on Oahu and his ex wife ran the Mill Valley California store. He always had a sample pot brewing of something and poured out little shot glasses. Back then I was told by "Maxwell House Drinkers" that I was crazy for paying that kind of money for coffee beans. What a treat to see that you have this. I will be ordering my 1/2 pound and sitting backing with that first cup with my eyes closed. Thinking about those days in the past .. drinking shots of coffee with Mr. Phillips and hearing his stories about the old days in Hawaii.

  • Wayne , drinking Peet's since 1982 11/8/13
  • Union City, CA

I remember when Peet's added this to their menu around 1984. At $30/lb it was by far the most expensive coffee on the menu. It was also one of the best. At the time, Peet's had just opened up their Piedmont Ave store in Oakland, which was their third store. With a small number of stores, it was possible to stock this coffee throughout their entire "chain." With as many stores as they have now, it's impossible to have it on the regular menu.

I don't think I can say it's my all time favorite coffee, but it's definitely up there at the top. Back then, I felt that the Yemen Mocca (now called Arabian Mocha Sanani) was just as satisfying at $13/lb (expensive!) although it was a very different coffee from JBM. If you haven't tried JBM, it's well worth getting while it's available. I haven't seen it in Peet's stores for at least 25 years, so I'll get more while I can.

  • Kay Rodriques , drinking Peet's since 2010 12/31/12

I grew up on a coffee estate in the Blue Mountains (a small place called New Monklands) in Jamaica. When I opened the bag, the smell hit me hard, took me back to that place and time when I was not allowed to drink coffee (too young!). I started drinking this coffee when I was in college. There is none other like it and I don''t say that only because I have a sentimental attachment. As always, superb flavor and awesome smell! (Makes a good candle too. You should try bringing those into the U.S. for us Peets lovers.)

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