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Item No. KNA8-M

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Flavor Notes

Hibiscus aroma with passion fruit sweetness. Delicate, apricot finish.

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About this coffee


Coffee Story

The region known as Kona on Hawaii's big island has been synonymous with superb coffee for more than 150 years. Steep volcanic hillsides and a microclimate of sunny mornings and cloudy afternoons create the perfect conditions for cultivating smooth, sweet-flavored beans.

Follow the Old Mamalahoa Highway, and you'll see coffee growing on both sides of the road — but the best comes from the mauka, or mountain side. That's where the trees reach their natural willowy height, requiring harvesters to pull the ripe cherries closer with hooks. We think the refined flavors of these beans make them well worth the extra effort. That's why only the highest grown, highest quality Kona from a single estate on the mauka goes into this reserve. The taste is mild and mellow, with a hint of tropical sweetness; it's like Hawaiian hospitality in a cup.

Like our other reserve coffees, Kona is only available in limited quantities — 1/2-lb. bags — and roasted to order just once a week, exclusively on Wednesdays. We do this to make sure it's as fresh as possible when you receive it. Orders must be placed on or before each Tuesday, and are shipped within 24 hours of roasting. You also have the option of choosing a future Wednesday shipment at checkout.

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  • Jeff , drinking Peet's since 1981 6/6/13
  • Ventura, CA

I've been a subscription orderer of Kona through Peet's for years. Kona is really the reason I became a daily coffee drinker 30 years ago, and quite a while back, I concluded that Peet's was the best bean roasted best I could readily find.
Today, I cancelled my subscription. The last several pounds have been mediocre. Either they have chosen to buy inferior beans or they've forgotten how to roast them properly...or both. In any case, $50/lb. implies better than they now deliver, I'm very sad to say.

  • Roberto Vello , drinking Peet's since 1990 7/6/12
  • Chambly, Qc

I am a big fan of African coffees, and a lover of balanced central american beans. But I found the ideal expression for a good cup of coffee: Kona. Outstanding balance, mellowness, nutty taste and pleasant acidity. I am tough on Konas. I was satisfied with this one for my birthday. Thanks Peets. It`s on my next order.

  • Jessica 2/15/12

I just ordered this coffee Tuesday, received it today (Thursday). What a wonderful cup! Smooth and the clean smell of the roast shines brilliantly through. Low acid and yet is a beautiful way to wake up!

  • Elena , drinking Peet's since 1990 5/30/11
  • Wellesley, MA

Hands down. This is the BEST coffee I have ever had--with the exception only of the memory of a cup of Jamaican Blue Mountain. This coffee is so smooth, light, and flavorful, it stopped me in my tracks---then I made everyone I know--including my 13 year old son--taste it--all to rave reviews. I gave this coffee to a dear friend who proclaimed it also the best he had ever tasted--then when he ran out, went to Peets to pick up another pound bag, had a heart attack--but admitted it was worth every penny. Peets'' Kona will spoil you--and make all other beans a mere shadow mockery of the memory of perfection itself.

  • Ralph Jervois , drinking Peet's since 2010 5/25/11
  • LA, CA

Sweet and smooth like an inning-ending double play. It will cost you the big bucks but if you want the best and can afford it Peet's Kona is a treat.

  • Bruce Roberts , drinking Peet's since 1989 4/8/10

We just got back from a week in the Kona coffee region of the big island where we purchased and sampled various Kona blends and roasts. Peets Kona prices are reasonable and comparable with the premium blends one will find in Kialua-Kona. (Note that in Hawaii, what appears to be a half pound bag of Kona is actually 7 ounces, not 8!)

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  • Kat Shadwick 6/30/05
  • Store Manager
  • Hastings Ranch, Pasadena, CA
  • Hastings Ranch Pasadena, CA

I really enjoy our Kona because it is one of our lightest coffees, which allows the flavors and characteristics of the coffee to stand out. Kona to me is well balance in its body and acidity, with smooth tobacco overtones and it makes a great cup after a heavy meal or the perfect cup to wake up slow on a Sunday morning.

  • Mycal Quaempts 12/8/03
  • Store Employee
  • Brewery Blocks, Portland
  • Brewery Blocks, OR

One of my favorites! Smooth, with a velvety mouth feel! Full bodied essence of bitter sweet cocoa. Mellow acidity!

  • Janet Coffee 4/11/01
  • Bristol Farms Ambassador
  • Southern California
  • Southern California

Kona-an exotic rich coffee flavor with a smooth finish that takes your soul to the islands with the first taste.

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