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Mocca-Java - DECAF

Item No. WMJ-M

Available: Grocery | Peet's Store

Flavor Notes

Complex and chocolaty flavors, with a well-rounded body and touch of sweetness.

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About this coffee


Coffee Story

There's a rich tradition behind this blend, which brings together Mocca beans from Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, with their Javanese descendants. And although the spelling may be different — we also source rare Mochas from Arabia — this water-processed decaf has some serious flavor.

With the top-grade Mocca-Java coffee that goes into this blend, the water process yields a discerning decaf that's brilliant and complex, with an added dimension of chocolaty sweetness.

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  • Marty Nemko , drinking Peet's since 1980 1/27/15
  • Oakland, CA

Fabulous. Delicious. And water-process (healthy method) decaf.

  • Matt , drinking Peet's since 1995 7/28/13
  • Bakersfield via Berkeley, CA

After a bad bike accident, Peets regular coffee was sending me though the Atavachron to another plane of existence. I love Mocca -Java and can't wait to finally have another cup of coffee after four months of being without any coffee whatsoever.

Caffeine free may return me to the time and space In which I belong.

  • bop 11/28/12

Excellent full-bodied and smooth decaf coffee. We've even mixed in a little neutral-grade regular coffee with great results. So good, that I use less sugar :-)

  • Suzie 6/16/12
  • San Diego, CA

So happy to finally find a place that sells decaf coffee that uses the water process to decaffeinate their coffee!!! Coffee Bean used to but switched back to the chemical process...I am now a loyal Peet''s customer!!! I''m pregnant and this healthier decaf coffee is perfect for me and my baby bump!!!

  • Patty J 4/25/10
  • San Antonio, TX

This is really, really good. The best decaf I have found (although I used to really love Decaf Special Blend, which they stopped making). Not bitter, with good flavor, and it makes my day a lot nicer.

  • Charisma Dutko 12/20/07
  • Pitsburgh, PA

I had to give up caffeine for health reasons and I started on a search for a drinkable decaf that I would enjoy, and after an exhausting search I found the Peets Mocc-Java Decaf to be the best tasting Decaf on the market, bar none! .. furthermore as a bonus the decaf process that Peets uses is one referred to as water pressed and is therefore a healthy process of removing the caffeine, whew, a lot of words but worth the effort of sharing my viewpoint, I special order my coffee here in PA after discovering Peets in person while vacationing in the SF Bay area :)

10 Item(s)

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10 Item(s)

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  • Joe King 5/31/00
  • Barista/Retail Sales
  • San Francisco, CA
  • San Francisco, CA

Peet's Decaf Mocca-Java is a straight forward coffee that is always a delight to drink. Although I do not drink decaf coffee regularly, I recently brewed a cup of Decaf Mocca-Java when I was in the mood for a cup of coffee but could not tolerate another drop of caffeine. A subtle, sweet berry note from the Ethiopian Mocca stood out nicely over the deeper crisp & nutty quality that is Java. The Decaf Mocca-Java is a coffee that has light body with mellow acidity and is easy to drink. Enjoy a cup today!

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2015-03-27 10:19:50

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