English Breakfast

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Flavor Notes

A proprietary blend of brisk India teas that makes a lively, tangy cup

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About this tea

Tea Story

The brisk and slightly tangy character of high-grown India teas makes this one a favorite among Peet’s customers. Like any good English Breakfast, the blend is formulated with milk and sugar in mind. Still, the cup is mild and balanced enough to enjoy straight, allowing the natural lemony qualities of the tea to emerge.

Brewing Tips

Start with a preheated cup or teapot.
Measure 1 spoonful (3g) of tea for each cup of water.
Bring the water to a rolling boil; steep tea for 3 to 5 minutes.
Strain leaves while pouring.

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  • Matt Sharp 3/12/10
  • Palo Alto, CA

The most excellent English Breakfast tea around. The loose leaf version really allows the flavors to come out. At breakfast with milk and honey, this tea is a perfect accompaniment to a simple piece of toasted bread. I often re-brew the tea in the afternoon, then allow it to cool and pour it over ice. Thanks to Peet's for a brisk, flavorful breakfast tea!

  • timur yildiz 2/11/08
  • cambridge, MA

this tea has a smokey natural flavor that goes well on a brisk morning or a late evening. the decafinated blend has the same flavor but without the zing of a black tea.

  • Charles Stock 12/10/06
  • Camp Hill, PA

This is a delightful English Breakfast blend. It has a floral bouquet that is subtle and inviting. There is a pleasant citrusy quality and a smooth, slightly sweet finish. It has plenty of body and goes well with a little milk.

  • anon 11/25/06
  • San Jose, CA

I love the English Breakfast Tea. It warms me when I drink it and gives a great flavor. My only problem is that it is given to me in scalding hot water. If you could find a way to make it slightly less hot, then it would truly be perfect. *Name Anonymous*

  • Mary M. Sullivan 10/5/99
  • Reston, VA

English Breakfast Tea is a wonderful, hearty tea which gives one a good start to the day. It can be enjoyed in the late afternoon as well, or with dinner. It is one of my favorites!

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8 Item(s)

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  • Angela Dickey 8/12/02
  • Peetnik
  • Davis
  • Davis, CA

Bright and lively with hints of floral notes and fresh cut pineapple.

  • Steve Nobles 4/13/00
  • Coffee & Tea Guide, Portland
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Portland, OR

Slightly citrusy or rindy underneath a lively traditional taste. Suprisingly smooth.

  • Kate Gardnew 4/13/00
  • Shift Leader
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Portland, OR

Slightly malty flavor and smell. The astringency is rather light, but leaves its mark on the palate. This is a tea that can be enjoyed throughout the day.

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