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Assam Extra Fancy

Item No. 500084

Available: Peet's Store

Flavor Notes

A classic Assam: sturdy, deep and slightly sweet

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About this tea

Tea Story

We taste literally hundreds of Assam teas each year. It’s all worth it when we find that traditional bold pungency and sweet, malty depth that made Assam famous in the first place. Assam Extra Fancy features Flowery Orange Pekoe teas from the best gardens at the peak of the second flush, evident by the lovely golden tips. Enjoy hints of honey, toast and wood.

Brewing Tips

Start with a preheated cup or teapot.
Measure 1 heaping spoonful (3g) of tea for each cup of water.
Bring the water to a rolling boil; steep tea for 4 minutes.
Strain leaves while pouring.

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  • Dave Henderson 5/3/07
  • Raleigh, NC

I have enjoyed Assam tea above all others for years. But, when I first tasted Peet's Assam Extra Fancy, (thanks to a friend who found it on a trip to San Francisco) I tasted the best of the best Assam tea! Wonderful flavor. I will be ordering more soon.

  • Bill Messer 10/1/01
  • Hampstead, NC

I make functional stoneware pottery, and one of the joys of the craft is to be able to make satisfying tea mugs. During the last few years I found out how much I like tea, especially in a favorite mug, and after sampling many, many varieites, your Assan Extra Fancy is THE tea that completes the pleasure - intense, crisp and full flavor, color and aroma.

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3 Item(s)

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  • Sooz 7/29/09
  • Customer Service
  • Home Office
  • Home Office, CA

This tea is an incredible example of the amazing textures tea can have. It's very powerful, deep and intense in its mouth presence, with an astringency very crisp and no-nonsense. But that astringency is very mature and experienced: it makes its impact to open your eyes, and then smoothly fades away. What''s left is a sweet, malty honey texture and a sensation not unlike a big red wine. Your mouth will literally be humming from this tea! Do not be afraid to make it strong!

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2014-10-31 11:04:24

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