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Fresh and lively, with notes of newly cut grass and a hint of the sea

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About this tea

Tea Story

Japan’s green teas are known for their vegetal flavors and sea air aromas, due largely to the initial steaming of the leaves, a practice that heightens the fresh, raw qualities of the tea. Steaming also brightens the cup – the best quality Senchas are lime-green when brewed. While more and more “Sencha” is actually China-grown tea made for the Japanese market, we believe only Japan’s distinctive varietals and expert leaf processing can produce the true flavor.

Brewing Tips

Start with a preheated cup or teapot.
Measure 1 spoonful (3g) of tea for each cup of water.
Bring the water to boil; let it cool for 2 minutes (180° F) before steeping tea for 3 minutes.
Strain leaves while pouring.

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  • Paul , drinking Peet's since 2015 7/26/15
  • Johns Creek, GA

I've been a coffee drinker most of my life with an occasional cup of tea. I love the taste of this tea, but the amount of "tea dust" is pretty significant. Is this typical for this tea or unusual? I noticed Sencha at a local grocer who caters to Asian customers in a clear bag and it didn't seem to have anywhere near the same "dust". If I rinse the Sencha I bought from Peet's it is fine but I'd like to not have that step if possible.

  • Tea aficionado , drinking Peet's since A lon 5/16/14
  • Santa Barbara, CA

Having previously lived for a very long time in Japan, and knowing the experience of some of the finer delicate flavors there, I am always searching for a very good quality green tea affordable enough to drink daily.

This sencha, coming from Japan, and not China (as it says on the information about it), does not turn "brown" when steeped for several minutes in a white or clear cup. Additionally, it does have the grassy, "sea" flavor that I grew accustomed to in Japanese green tea. So, for me, this is a delicious and true Japanese green tea that satisfies my taste buds for everyday drinking, and it is considerably more affordable than several other Japanese green teas that DON'T have that true Sencha flavor (such as Trader Joe's Organic Green Tea bags). It is not the delicious but VERY expensive "Matcha" (that is sold at Whole Foods and Erewhon, for example), but Matcha is made using an expensive processing method, and highly concentrated into powder form, and that is why it is usually reserved for "Tea Ceremony" in Japan.

In summary, on my "Quest" for authentic Japanese green tea or Sencha, this is at the top of my list at this time.

For those of you who may NOT be as familiar with Japanese tea, I suggest you give it a lengthy try - you may just grow as fond of it as I have over time.

Here's to health! :))

  • Patrick , drinking Peet's since 2012 3/14/13
  • Oakland, CA

To understand what this tea tastes like, go find a lawn, get on your hands and knees, and take a big bite of grass.

It smells and looks like lawn clippings. Perhaps I got a bad batch?

  • Jehu Bako , drinking Peet's since 2006 2/23/13
  • Avalon, CA

This Japanese Sencha is a little difficult tea to tame, but if infused properly can break through the "Jade Mist"- like taste and reveal a delightful complex flavor. Since it is a Japanese green tea, 5 minutes is usually recommended for waiting after boiling to keep the tannins (bitterness components) at bey, but this tea requires a 6 minute wait. This tea can also be steeped a second time with an additional minute added to the 6 minute steeping time. The Kelpy and Vegetal flavors are easily recognizable, but if infused for no more than 2 minutes each time, a lingering toasty, bamboo-ish flavor can be extracted by your taste buds! In net, a lengthened process will be totally worth the wait!

  • JMDP22 12/5/12

Recently purchased tea (late November 2012) I'm not a tea drinker but decided to try. I really love this tea, which will replace my coffee.

  • katie 10/30/12
  • seattle, WA

I love this tea so much - it is my favorite green tea, and I have tried many kinds! However, it tastes somewhat different from other senchas I have tried. I just tried a different brand's green twig tea (kukicha) and it tastes exactly like this tea, leading me to think that Peet's sencha has some of the twigs and stems mixed in. To me, this is a great thing.

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  • Sooz 7/28/09
  • Customer Service
  • Home Office
  • Home Office, CA

I love Sencha because I think it's one of our most dynamic green teas. It's definitely a tea where you can throw away the "rules" about green tea brewing and just have fun. For example, it''s commonly believed that Senchas need cooler water temp. Yes, that''s pretty nice - smooth and gently grassy. But, man - hotter water, with a 30 sec steep (instead of the usual several minutes for greens)! Wow! That rich, rich, brothy green color and perfect mouth texture and sweetness! MMMM! Have fun with your tea!

  • Shannan Starr 4/2/00
  • Retail Sales
  • Lyon Village, Sacramento, CA.
  • Lyon Village, CA

For me, sencha is springtime in a can. It smells like freshly cut grass and reminds me of running through a freshly mowed lawn at dusk. The grass-like qualities of this tea are refreshing and are tasty over ice. I like to drink it in the evening as the sun is going down. Plus, it's another great way to get my caffeine dosage for the day.

  • Audrey Fujioka 3/8/00

Sencha is perfect for green tea lovers. It has a vegetal quality like other green teas. The cup is a bit cloudy, the body is full. It

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