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Cafe Solano®

Item No. CSO-M

Available: Grocery | Peet's Store

Flavor Notes

Lively yet perfectly rounded, with floral notes and a subtle berry brightness.

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About this coffee


Coffee Story

Our hometown of Berkeley is known for its worldly culture, which inspired the global character of this medium-roast blend. Named for our beloved bustling café on Solano Avenue, where Peet's regulars of all backgrounds have been coming since 1990 for their morning ritual of coffee and conversation, it's a perfectly balanced blend of African, American, and Pacific coffees.

These devoted Peetniks expect the world from us, and the aromatic, lively, and very well rounded Cafe Solano — evincing a subtle complexity of fruit and floral notes — was created with their high standards and sophisticated tastes in mind.

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  • Emilio , drinking Peet's since 2008 1/26/15
  • Miami, FL

My family and I really enjoy Cafe Solano in the mornings. It is really smooth so it is not acidity and not bitter, balanced and rich. It's taste quickly fades in the palate. If you want a heavy full bodied coffee like Sumatra don't get this coffee, but, if you want a medium rich coffee without the heaviness then get this coffee. This Solano makes for a superb cup of coffee. YUMMY!

  • John , drinking Peet's since 2013 1/25/15
  • Reseda, CA

Many years ago, America embarked down a road paved with total confusion about coffee. Our intentions were good- stop drinking the mass produced brown water coffees that came in vacuum packed 1- and 3-lb cans in the supermarket. Americans discovered this beverage called "espresso".
Americans found espresso to be very dark in color and concentrated, so they assumed that the coffee beans used to produce it must be very darkly roasted. Thus, the dark, confused era in American coffee began, fueled by beans roasted until they became little oil coated charcoal briquettes, and is unfortunately still alive and well in most areas. People equate oil soaked, burned coffee with quality, which in reality is the exact opposite. Espresso made from these charcoal beans leaves your mouth tasting like it's filled with ashes for hours, but nobody here notices- almost all espresso consumed in America is diluted 90/10 with hot milk.
Those of us who drink espresso understand as Ernesto Illy did, that coffees roasted until just before they release their oils, with a dark brown, not black color, yield the most varietal flavor and most pleasant aftertaste. You taste coffee, not coal.
Kudos to Peets for finally offering something to us espresso drinkers other than charcoal after all these years. This is not a fad, this is America finally catching up and learning about coffee. Cafe Solano is properly roasted coffee, for drip and especially espresso. Nice even blend of flavors. Chocolaty, complex, a little sweet. Throws an insane crema if you get it fresh.

  • David P. , drinking Peet's since 2013 4/15/14
  • Champaign, IL

Dear Peet's,

I wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to write to you, and for your Solano blend. This coffee is so smooth and flavorful that it has become my favorite blend. Most of all, the aroma of the coffee strikes me with a certain sense of nostalgia. I grew up in Solano county and my father used to take me to the art museum in Berkeley. But before we went, we would always stop so he could get a cup of coffee. We would play chess while he finished it and I can still remember it's distinct smell. Sadly, since then he and I have become estranged. But whenever I drink this coffee it brings me back to a time when things were simple and there was only chess and coffee.

  • Amy , drinking Peet's since last 8/15/13
  • Lexington, SC

Love this coffee! It is so so good. It has so much flavor but no bitterness at all. My new favorite!!

  • Debbie Powers , drinking Peet's since 1985 7/1/13
  • Payette, ID

I love this coffee. I've been drinking Peet's for many years, when my brother would bring French Roast at Christmas, but the last few years I've been buying it myself online. I've run the route of favorites. My top favorite was a Special shipment of New Guinea Gold I managed to get a few pounds of a year or two ago. It's never come again. I've never liked any as much as that until I tried Cafe Solano. It has deep rich flavor, but not so heavy that it tastes muddy. I'm no coffee expert so it's hard to describe why I like it so much. Now I can quite wishing for another shipment of New Guinea Gold. This is a truly great cup of coffee.

  • Ashaman , drinking Peet's since 2012 4/18/13
  • Nappa Valley, AZ

This is my new favorite coffee; ever since I started measuring my coffee with tablespoons when brewing it. It's the best ever! It is my understanding that there is more caffeine in lighter roasts, which is how I discovered it.

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