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Garuda Blend®

Item No. GAR-M

Available: Grocery | Peet's Store

Flavor Notes

Full-bodied, broad, and aromatic. Richly textured with earthy, nutty, character.

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About this coffee


Coffee Story

Created by Alfred Peet and long a favorite of Peet's baristas, Garuda is one of our first blends. It originates in the islands of Papua New Guinea and Indonesia, where each single-origin coffee develops distinctly different flavor characteristics due to the unique production and processing methods across the archipelago. Hand-pulped village coffees impart a rustic earthiness and nutty flavors; fully washed beans lend a lively spark; the blend exudes syrupy consistency and is infused with tropical airs.

We don't know if the mythical bird that is the namesake of the blend visited each of the coffee islands, from Sumatra to Sulawesi to Java to Timor, and on to Irian Jaya/Papua New Guinea and the spice islands of the Moluccas, but we craft Garuda to reflect their diversity. We think it makes an excellent espresso, and we know it makes a big, satisfying cup.

Brewing Tips

A long time favorite of Peet's baristas used to pull the perfect espresso.

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  • Alan Hollister , drinking Peet's since 1998 12/11/14
  • Palm Springs, CA

Garuda and I have been 'going steady' for many years. The flavor of this wonderful blend is tops for me. I have to admit that I take my Garuda on trips and if that is not an option I just take a break from coffee altogether for a couple of days. Nothing I have ever had comes close to the comfort of that morning cup of Garuda. The grocery stores in the desert here around Palm Springs do not carry this blend so I have a friend pick it up every couple of weeks from the coast. How about a shop out here? We need it badly!

  • Frank , drinking Peet's since March 5/1/13
  • La Habra, CA

Oh my gosh !

One of the best cups of coffee I have had !

Started off with whole beans, ground them in my burr grinder, then used a french press, Excellent !

  • Brenda W 4/19/12

Have tried all the standard espresso beans and a lot of the varietals, and I keep coming back to Garuda. Extremely balanced and smooth. Comforting in a homemade latte or cappuccino!

  • Pete , drinking Peet's since 2009 11/24/11
  • Hollister, CA

The Garuda blend is a deep full bodied rich nutty flavor.. its absolutely delicious all the way throught the aftertaste. I can say Ive tried dozens of alternatives, but nothing compares at all. It is my favorite by far, thumbs up.

  • Daniel , drinking Peet's since 1998 11/2/11
  • Saratoga, CA

The Garuda coffee is full bodied with a smooth texture. The refined texture and smell makes this a great choice any time of the day. I love drinking one of the first blends that Peets created and it seems to be popular.

  • Roger Barton AIA , drinking Peet's since 1975 7/17/11
  • Oklahoma City, OK

This has been my staple favorite for years. Now and then I try a varietal, but I always keep Garuda on hand. It''s got an ideal balance (IMHO) of strength, full flavors, and the smokiness of a dark roast, without the strong tannic acidity of many other dark roasts.

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  • Jon Spevack 6/24/07
  • CSR
  • Oakland, Call Center,CA,
  • Oakland, CA

Rich, smooth and nutty, Garuda is a great "comfort" coffee. Often used for Espresso, I think it makes an outstanding brewed coffee as well.

  • Christopher Burgess 3/28/06
  • Customer Service Specialist
  • San Francisco, Roasting Plant, CA, USA
  • San Francisco, CA

I just tasted the Garuda Blend and marvelled at how caramely & sweet it is. Very very smooth.

  • Julie Bozarth 10/29/01
  • Store Employee
  • Lyon Village
  • Lyon Village, CA

Garuda is full body, smooth, rich and velvety. Great to drink in front of the fire with a dessert.

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