Guatemala San Sebastian

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Balanced and refined, yet tantalizingly complex. Hints of bittersweet chocolate.

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Nestled between three massive volcanoes at an elevation of 5,000 feet, the Antigua Valley of Guatemala produces arguably the world's very finest coffee. Only here does the heirloom variety of Arabica bean known as Bourbon develop such a sublimely sweet coffee fruit, with the dry climate stressing trees just enough to give the beans their tantalizingly complex flavors. Among coffee appellations, Antigua is perhaps the best of the best.

One estate in this renowned region stands out above all others: Finca San Sebastian. Early sun, upper slopes, an abundance of shaded Bourbon — everything about this farm is perfect for producing coffee of consistently superlative quality. That's why we've been roasting the Falla family's beans for over 40 years, and why their coffee has been a favorite in our tasting room since the first sip. We buy beans from many of the great Antigua farms, and they shine in our most superb blends. But our single-origin offering could only be San Sebastian.

Peet's Guatemala San Sebastian achieves the remarkable feat of tasting both potent and refined, with aromatic grace and shades of the best bittersweet chocolate. A coffee aristocrat.

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  • Lisa V , drinking Peet's since Peetn 7/15/16
  • Acworth, GA

Wonderful cuppa Joe! Very smooth, not bitter. Brewing method: I use a French press, adding 7 tbsp freshly ground coffee to 18oz (200F filtered water) with a brew time of 4 min. AWESOME!!!

  • Joao , drinking Peet's since 2010 5/13/16
  • Westley, CA

Great tasting coffee with no bitter aftertaste....awesome coffee. I highly recommend it

  • Paul Lindstedt , drinking Peet's since 1989 11/7/15
  • Currently living in Moldova, CA

I had been faithfully drinking Major Dickinson's for years but bought a sampler package with several different blends to try. When I took my first sip of Guatemala San Sebastian, I was converted on the spot! Such a rich, smooth cup of coffee, with amazing depth and flavor. No bitter aftertaste. Give it a go, you will not be disappointed.

  • Dale , drinking Peet's since 2009 10/9/13
  • Auburn, CA

This is by far in my opinion the very best coffee in the World. I'm picky about my coffee, and have drank a lot of it from all over our great land. This coffee never changes in it's constancy. Be warned's addicting..;-}

  • Gaye Pietrocola , drinking Peet's since 2006 6/6/13
  • Nofolk, VA

This coffee is my all time favorite here. It never disappoints me.

  • Emily Smith 8/1/99
  • New York, NY

It goes with everything. It's a perfect complement to my breakfast cereal as well as a late-night chocolatey dessert. I've served it with pretzles and nuts at poker games and on New Year's Eve spiked with Khalua. (I live in New York and when I serve it to friends here, they've never tasted coffee so good.) Guatemala has a smooth, balanced flavor that always comes through.

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7 Item(s)

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  • Stephany , drinking Peet's since 1995 5/13/16
  • CSR
  • Home Office
  • Emeryville, CA

Love Love Love Guatemala San Sebastian. It is one of my go to coffees!! I love the spiciness and the smoothness of the coffee.

It is a wonderful summer coffee because it is not to heavy, but then not to light. It is the perfect warm weather coffee. I take it home as often as possible.

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