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Holiday Blend 2014

Item No. HDY-M

Available: Peet's Store

Flavor Notes

Elegant, smooth, and refined with delicious hints of dark chocolate, brown sugar, dark berry and spice

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About this coffee


Coffee Story

Each holiday, Peet's blends the best beans from our favorite regions together to create the perfect celebratory coffee to share with your loved ones.

Guatemala! One of Alfred Peet's favorite origins. We went into the coffee growing paradise of Antigua, where three dramatic volcanoes encircle the coffee growing microclimate. Our mission to find the tastiest beans took us to San Sebastian where we have been buying beans for decades. Here we were greeted by the tastiest crop in memory. A perfect cup bursting with superbly refined & bright flavor.

Ethiopia! The birthplace of Arabica Coffee and the greatest source of genetic (and flavor) diversity on the coffee globe. Most sought-after are the sweet, citric and elegantly perfumed coffees of Yirgacheffe, a region first popularized by a Peet's supplier, the venerated exporter Hailu Gebre Hiwot. (He's also the founder of the KIMSSA School, where underprivileged kids become "Peet's Scholars").

Kenya! Do we even have to explain Kenya? Smooth as silk, with savory notes, impossible browned sugar sweetness and distinctive layers of blackberry, some say black currant fruit.

Sumatra! Peetniks' favorite single origin coffee, light on acidity but heavy on flavor, with earth, spice, and tobacco-like depths plumbed by no other bean (with the exception of Sulawesi). Smoother, poly-savory and more syrupy still, is our Special Offering quality Sumatra Batak. We supplement this ultra-select coffee from the Utara (north) of the island with a touch of the truly rare, Aged Sumatra Batak. Heavy with humid, tropical spice and mellowed to caramel-like sweetness, it carries Holiday Blend to its superb long finish.

That's the pick of the 2014 crop, our feast of flavor, our annual celebratory cup!

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  • Sandy Seamster , drinking Peet's since Peets 11/14/14
  • Salem, OR

I have bought 3 boxes of this plus a bag of ground. The boxes are for the Krups and ground for the regular pot. I love the flavor of this coffee. I am going to order the 96 box of it and get more at the store to stock up on it. This is the best tasting coffee...flavor is awesome. Its the way a good cup of coffee should taste. Since it says limited edition, I am assuming that it won't be sold for a while after this. I wish it were. I love it.

  • RAG , drinking Peet's since Late 10/20/14
  • Eastern, MA

I noticed the Holiday blend reviews on this page are still from the 2013 blend, so I figured I'd write a review of the brand new Holiday 2014 blend.

I've liked the Holiday blends from previous years, so I bought a half pound of the new 2014 Preview from my local Peets store, to try. This one is fantastic! I've always preferred African & Indonesian coffees (I especially love the wild dry-processed Harar beans) so this blend is perfect. It's wonderfully deep-flavoured with a full body, and the smell alone is enough to get me moving in the morning. The taste really does have notes of dark chocolate and caramel. It would hold its own in a latte or cappucino, but I prefer to drink it black. I will try it as espresso next, as it would also make an excellent after-dinner sipping coffee.

If you prefer the clean, bright Central/South American coffees, this blend may not be for you. But if you love the more sultry dark coffee flavours as I do, you will love this year's Holiday blend. I will definitely buy more before it's gone!

  • Chris C , drinking Peet's since 2000 10/19/14
  • Tustin, CA

Just tasted at my local shop. Oh my full body goodness. I cannot wait for this to get released for sale at stores. I agree with other reviewers that this should be a standard blend. Outstanding!

  • Bill Benfield , drinking Peet's since Decem 12/24/13
  • Statesville, NC

I just received a bag of Peet's coffee for a Christmas gift and I immediated brewed a pot. I have to say that this coffee beats Starbuck's in richness and taste. It is bold, yet not overly so. I am definitely going to look for a store where I can purchase Peet's coffee year round. Thanks to my neighbor for introducing this coffee to me.

  • Carol daSilva , drinking Peet's since 1970 12/23/13
  • Oakland, CA

I knew there was something special about this blend--it's the Panama. You used to offer Panama year-round and it was my favorite for years and years. I'm with the other reviewers--keep this blend all year.

  • Robert Novak , drinking Peet's since 1995 11/5/13
  • Arlington Hts. , IL

I have tried both the regular and the decaf. Both are great!
This blend deserves to be a regular offering year round. Change the name but keep the blend.

7 Item(s)

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2014-12-20 06:22:07

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