Peet’s Paper Filters #2

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Our oxygen-cleansed, eco-friendly cone filters are designed to enhance the flavor in your coffee.
Filters fit all coffee makers requiring #2 filters. 100 filters per package.
Customer Reviews
  • cy , drinking Peet's since 1992 5/16/12
  • Menlo Park, CA

Those of you who need #1 filters for your one cup coffee maker will be glad to know that the #2 filters work great. Just make the horizontal and vertical folds a little larger.

  • Robert Raburn , drinking Peet's since 1978 2/12/12
  • Oakland, CA

The size of the No. 2 filters sold by Peets has changed in the past several months. The smaller size does not cover the plastic cone and allows coffee grounds to spill over the filter. Please return to the previous filter dimensions.

  • kevin stupfel , drinking Peet's since 2000 2/8/12
  • laguna niguel, CA

The old Peets #2 filter was outstanding, fit the plastic pour over cone perfectly. For some reason, they have reduced the size in 2012 and now you can over pour and make a mess. I wish they would go back to the original size.

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