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Item No. COL-M

Available: Grocery | Peet's Store

Price:   per lb. $14.95
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We select the most exceptional growths of Colombia often from the high southern redoubt of San Agustin, Huila.

Flavor Notes

Balanced brightness and sweetness. Full-bodied, with shades of the coffee fruit.

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About this coffee


Coffee Story

Colombia is synonymous with good coffee, and the country produces more washed arabica beans than any other. But while the overall quality is consistent and familiar to the American palate, Colombia also produces exceptional coffees from specific micro-climates. Not one but three cordilleras traverse this enormous, emerald country and the variety of sun and rain regimes mean that harvesting is going on somewhere almost throughout the year. As always, we select by the cup, seeking the rarest lots of the brightest, sweetest, most exceptional beans.

Our favorite, flavorful, full-bodied Colombian coffee comes from the heights of the remote southern province of Huila, a region that still grows the traditional typica beans along with the newer varieties. At the massif of two ranges, and the headwaters of a river that flows 950 miles north to the Caribbean, a small group of growers produce a shining, sweet and delicately fruited Colombia that has a taste unto its own.

Brewing Tips

The high clean tones of Peet's Colombia make it ideal for a carefully prepared pour-over drip.

Customer Reviews
  • Christine Beeler , drinking Peet's since 2013 3/6/14
  • Tampa, FL

Delicious coffee, so good even my cat, who isn't a coffee drinker loves it! Normally she'll just take a sniff of our coffee, and will look at us like we are crazy. However, this time, I had my Columbian coffee sitting on my desk, she took a sniff, and this time took a drink. Not only did she get one, but ten minutes later, she came back for yet another drink! Heck I like Peet's so much I finished it off before she could, but we now have to hide the debit card from her, because we think she'd buy more coffee then us. By the way we love all the coffee's!

  • Jose , drinking Peet's since 2009 4/5/13
  • New Haven, CT

No frills coffee that tastes like coffee. No hints of this or that. Just a perfectly robust earthy cup of coffee.

  • Jp 11/13/12

Wish they sold this one whole bean nearby, all my local stores only have it ground. It's amazing and the closest thing i've tasted to Panama Coffee, and that's saying something, because it's nothing like it. You guy's skipped a country from Colombia to Costa Rica. Yet, I must admit, this particular coffee got me hooked on Peet''s and none other can now satisfy my crave. PS: Consider Panama for future coffee.

  • Felix jacomino , drinking Peet's since 1999 1/18/12
  • Miami, FL

THIS was the coffee that turned me on to coffee! I'd always drunk coffee. But it was Peet's Colombia that a coworker brought to me in a resealable plastic bag to sample. Just the first smell of it captured me. I brewed it at home and ever since, my wife and I have always recommend this as THE quintessential, balanced, and aromatic coffee ever!

  • Carl , drinking Peet's since 2010 9/18/11
  • Haines City, FL

We used to drink Yuban but a couple of years ago it changed and we didn't like it anymore. I saw Peets Colombia in a grocery store and gave it a try and we're sure glad we did. We've been getting 5 lbs a month from Peets ever since. I admit I don't know a lot about coffee, what I do know is I can't stand many coffees that others must like. I like Peets Columbia and I liked the Holiday blend last year.

  • Steve , drinking Peet's since 2010 8/13/11
  • USA

Yes full-bodied and balanced but not "sweet" at all. Aroma so-so, overall taste so-so, nothing unique. Perhaps it's because my sample comes from the ground bag version which may not be so fresh, not the whole beans? I compared this grocery store's bulk, medium-roasted, whole-bean Colombian to Peet's and the store's was better, sweeter taste, nutty aroma and it was fresher. Peet's Colombian ground version is so-so, not up to what I've found from other Peet's varieties.

Employee Reviews
  • Ginny Phillips , drinking Peet's since 1983 11/8/11
  • customer service rep
  • home office
  • Home Office, CA

This has always been one of my favorites. People often think that coffee from Colombia is "ordinary" or even "boring," but I think that's because they haven''t tasted Peet's Colombia. It's very rich and full-bodied, with a nice spark of liveliness, one of the most satifying cups of coffee I've ever had.

  • Natalie , drinking Peet's since 1995 8/6/09
  • Customer Service
  • Home Office
  • Home Office, CA

I love this coffee! It has a lovely medium sweet body and a gentle smooth finish. This coffee is great for someone that is looking for a change from the House Blend or is transitioning from other coffee roaster - as this has a wonderful balanced coffee flavor and is not as bold as some of our other coffees! Yummy, sweet, delicious breakfast coffee!

  • Sooz 7/29/09
  • Customer Service
  • Home Office
  • Home Office, CA

This coffee has always been one of my favorites and I recommend it often to customers. It's warm and inviting and has a wonderfully balanced mix of flavors and sensations: sweet acidity, creamy nutty body, soft finish. At the same time, it's also really full and hearty, too. A great coffee for people who've stepped up to Blend 101. This is such a "sleeper" coffee: one of the best secrets on our menu!

  • Pam Jacob 3/14/00
  • Barista/Retail Sales
  • Lafayette
  • Lafayette

I would consider Colombia to be a more traditional flavor. It is well rounded, almost sweet with a balanced acidity. I think what makes it stand out above other Colombian coffees is the high quality of beans that are used and Peet's unique roasting style. Together these make a most satisfying cup of coffee.

2016-05-02 12:40:42

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