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Traditional cultivation methods and semi-aging make this rare coffee taste like it was grown in heaven.
Flavor Notes:
Full-bodied and uniquely complex. Intoxicating herbal, nutty, earthy flavors.
About this coffee

Coffee story

The best coffees from Sulawesi are grown and processed in the area known as Torajaland, near the upcountry town of Rantepao. The villagers here have a long history of coffee cultivation, and they remain faithful to their traditional methods — planting trees on small plots near their houses. These soaring-roof structures, called Tongkonan, are said to have first been built in heaven. The coffee tastes like it might have been grown there, too.

Above the emerald terraces of rice paddies that produce the staple of Torajans' diet, trees of the old variety grow in even greener jungle. It's their cash crop, one which brings everyone together to pick and process beans as a way of supplementing the family income. We think the unique cultural heritage and time-honored practices of this region have a lot to do with the distinctive taste of its Sulawesi-Kalosi coffee: unusually deep and complex, with rich flavors that evoke the spice-laden air of the Indonesian archipelago.

Peet's has been sourcing the very best lots of this rare coffee for many years. And we take an extra step to duplicate the celestial qualities of old: semi-aging our beans, which enhances their intrinsic earthiness and herbal, nutty notes. Our Sulawesi-Kalosi brews a full-bodied and balanced cup, with a heady multi-dimensional aroma that's nothing short of heavenly.

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  • 2/18/17
  • Shirlhock
  • drinking Peet's since 1999
  • Sacramento, CA

I've purchased Celebes Sulawesi beans for years through different bean providers, and the Peet's Sulawesi-Kalosi is now one of my more favorite beans. I buy their Sumatras too. So very tasty.

I don't think you can find a better bean quality and roast than what Peet's offers.

I gave up searching for these in grocery stores. I order direct and it is the sure way to find broad selection and freshness.

Peet's is the best!

  • 2/5/17
  • John
  • drinking Peet's since The w
  • Boise, ID

Good, but not great ... with such an exotic name, I was kinda hoping that it would be better. (I have tried it previously and thought I'd give it another try.)
For my taste buds, it simply gets too bitter when brewed strong and dark, the way I like it.
That said, not too bad if you cut it with half & half ... that'll take the "sting" out of it.
Overrated ... IMHO, of course.

  • 12/23/16
  • Jim
  • drinking Peet's since 2005
  • Rochester, NY

I love Major Dickason's and New Guinea Highlands and this is right up there with them. I found it to be smooth yet bold and is terrific in either the coffee machine or the Chemex. A new favorite.

  • 7/14/16
  • kat
  • Mountain View, CA

Probably one of the best Peet's beans ever. Smooth, mildly earthy without the ashy aftertaste, hint of berries without the loud tanginess of other beans, a hint of nuts (not sure which one), and just a tiny hint of tobacco. It reminded me of that flavored cherry tobacco from years ago. There is a whole mouth feel that lasts long after the last cup. There are so many layers of flavors, I can hardly describe them, it just must be tried. Truly is heavenly.

  • 7/5/16
  • Frank
  • La Habra, CA

This is one of my favorites now, and its available most of the time !
other than the supernatural, that only comes out once and a while
this is my "go to" coffee !

5 of 14 Reviews | View All

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  3. 3

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