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Ti Kwan Yin

Item No. 500136

Available: Peet's Store

Deep yet delicate, China’s most famous Oolong uses an 18-step process to produce its large, cloud-like leaves.

Flavor Notes

Floral, nutty and herbal, with an undercurrent of fruit

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About this tea

Tea Story

“Iron Goddess of Mercy” is the romantic name for this deep yet delicate tea. The special varietal is unique to Fujian province, where hundreds of small tea farms dot the mountainous terrain. The aroma can be very complex, with hints of orchid, herbs, nuts, melon and basil. With its large, dark green crumpled leaves, it’s a tea that’s easily recognized as one that is carefully hand-crafted.

Brewing Tips

Start with a preheated cup or teapot.
Measure 1 spoonful (3g) of tea for each cup of water.
Bring the water to boil; let it cool for 30 seconds (200° F) before steeping tea for 5 minutes.
Strain leaves while pouring.

Customer Reviews
  • Jehu Bako , drinking Peet's since 2006 2/20/13
  • Avalon, CA

This exceptional Oolong embodies an extravagant amount of ripe flavor, but also hidden flavor. Although using 1 spoonful and infusing it for 5 minutes can present an enjoyable cup, this method does not give way for the amazing lingering fruity and herbaceous scents that swarm the senses. I find that using 3 teaspoonfuls and steeping multiple 6-8 oz infusions, ranging from 30 seconds to 2 minutes can perfectly request the hidden flavors from the long unfolding leaves. Also, waiting 2 minutes for all oolongs after boiling will help keep the Tannins from releasing and giving the tea its bitter flavor. In net, 6 cups of tea can be extracted from using this method that pulls the best flavors from this wonderful tea!

  • Chris , drinking Peet's since 1996 12/13/12
  • San Francisco, CA

Excellent Oolong Tea! It's also an excellent value. Follow the directions-brew two HEAPING teaspoons for a 5 minutes to enjoy the full flavor of this tea. Brew it in a fashion so the leaves can fully expand while brewing. I enjoy all day long - morning, afternoon, and evening. Try it iced on a hot day or after a workout.

  • J Zinser-Mandala , drinking Peet's since 1996 11/27/09
  • Alameda, CA

I have never been fond of Oolongs. However, when I tasted Peet's Ti Kwan Yin, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. It is the one tea I genuinely think of as a treat...and I am a confirmed tea drinker. I have strict tastes and buy only teas I really like or that make me feel very well. I haven''t bought a tin of this yet; it is just too delicious to take a book and go to my favorite Peet's to sit and slowly sip Ti Kwan Yin and munch on their excellent shortbread cookie. (Be careful not to over steep.)

  • Steve Lauterbach , drinking Peet's since 1981 8/5/09
  • Camp Connell, CA

This is my favorite Peet's oolong by far. There is a certain oolong flavor, an earthy flavor that I cannot describe in words, but that I just love. It is the reason that oolongs are my favorite of all teas. Peet's Ti Kwan Yin delivers this flavor wonderfully. I have had better oolongs in tea houses in San Francisco''s Chinatown, but not by much... and these oolongs are in the twenty to thirty five dollar per ounce price range. Peet's Ti Kwan Yin gets me 95% of the oolong flavor I love compared to these very expensive oolongs, and for the price of around three and a half dollars per ounce it is a steal. It is the tea that I drink day in and day out.

  • L Helgeson , drinking Peet's since 1977 12/7/08
  • San Francisco, CA

I started trying oolongs because they were supposed to help with allergies. I found that most of them tasted like straw to me and I did not like them. I went to a blend with fruit flavoring but there was not enough oolong. I liked it in a refreshing drink with mandarin orange flavor,crystalized ginger & sparkling water. I read that TKY was different from other oolongs and decided to try it---IT IS DIFFERENT! It has a nutty after taste and no straw taste at all. I can drink it all on its own, or add flavor or milk. I often carry it cold but not iced in a bottle in my purse when it is hot weather. Enjoy this oolong if others have disappointed.

  • steve garver 2/8/07
  • eureka, MT

such a wonderful tea, great for a beginner. it is naturaly sweet and if properly brewed, never bitter.

Employee Reviews
  • david 12/22/06
  • shift lead
  • seattle, 704 fremont, seattle,wa,usa
  • seattle, WA

ti kwan yin is by far my favorite oolong tea. it has a sweet orchid flavor with undertones of nuttiness and apricot. no milk or sugar is needed with this tea, it has a sweetness all it own.

  • Tonya Robertson 8/15/06
  • Retail/Staff
  • San Rafael,ca,Usa
  • San Rafael, CA

The name of this oolong tea means "Iron Goddess of Mercy". It is grown in the mountains of Mainland China's Fujian province. Ti Kwan Yin is a greener color than most oolong teas, as the leaves have had much less oxidation. The large leaves are left whole, and crunch up when dried. The taste is smooth, and vegetal, with an herbal, nutty, melony taste, and the scent has a hint of orchids. I really enjoy the complex flavors of this tea.

  • Leora Cavestany 6/30/05
  • Shift Lead
  • Pasadena/South Lake
  • Pasadena/South Lake, CA

Ti Kwan Yin is a light and delicate tea with sweet, fruity overtones to it. It is the perfect tea to drink after a heavy meal.

2015-08-27 08:59:21

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